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Hi, I'm a socially awkward, fail boat.
Good luck everyone~
Words cannot describe how great those signs are. I think stores should take a note from these.
Really, I should have put more into this, and I plan to work on it later. However, I figured I'd go ahead and put the page up so that we can keep a bit of momentum going.

I apologize for my terrible (or rather, in the case of this page, non-existent) story telling skills.
These are so cute! and jeez, your style is stellar!
Jules is just fun to draw, what can I say. I think I'll try to draw all the other characters as well!
Did some doodling last night and figured I would upload them and let you all know I'm not dead. Soo yeah...
I read this on my way to school and I burst out laughing. My friend may or may not have had a minor heart attack. This page man. It's fantastic.
Hey look, I colored it. It's really kinda plain, but yeah...

I changed the text in the last panel about 5 times...

herp derp.
last panel, dat's perfect
@Fawn: Cool (granted upon looking back I realize how crap I am at telling stories)
Merry Christmas!
I know we haven't really been messing with the comic lately, but I don't want it to die! So, I figured a good first step to getting back into the swing of things was for me to share with you all an art update. My coloring is still poop though, sorry.

Have a wonderful holiday, and happy new year!
@SolitaireBear: Yeah, I force my cowlick to do things too. I'm sure if it had feelings, it'd hate me.

And it's not a problem. I don't know you all that well, but I'd have to say your pretty awesome.
@SolitaireBear: I also have a cowlick in my bangs, it helps if while your hair is wet you comb it in multiple directions. Also, I agree with NonBackgrounder. Any girl would be lucky to have you.
@kitsune fire: My apologies, I probably should have made things more clear.

What's happening is she's realized she has to choose being back on the streets or having the consequences of not making a payment to a loan shark. She makes the (bad) decision to not make her payment to the loan shark and is in turn being hunted down by his men. In panel 2 she's hiding from them in the hope she outran them, when Jules tells her to basically follow her (Which luckily Carmela could see her). Carmela looks just as Jules turns the corner, and is baffled by what she sees, and decides to follow only after overhearing one of the people hunting her down.

Yeah...should have been clearer in the page, but I think I was trying to make it a bit unclear, I don't remember though. Again my apologies and I hope that helps.
So, I planned on coloring this, but it keeps ticking me off.

I have to outline it again and then color...sooo I'll do that later. It's getting on my nerves too much tonight. So have some crap-tastic line art :D

Also, I hope you can understand what's going on. If not let me know and I'll explain. (Same for if you can't read my hand writing)
@Fawn: Yeah, I'll message you my skype name.
@Fawn: Thanks. And I'm not entirely sure either, there are a lot of options, but if you want I can go ahead and do the next page if you'd want?