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I'm a Psychology student who, obviously, likes drawing. I draw two comics, Ninja Turtles: Move on and Chigger Bites (with my main Chigger, Vanessa).
Hobbies also include reading webcomics, watching anime and cartoons when possible, reading, music listening and music playing (in the form of bagpipes) and uh... sewing sometimes.
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    Julia Pringle
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Still wrapping up I guess
I've had the notes for this for so long, I just never got around to it. I've been finishing school and also getting into a graphic design program.

This one comes with a rough comic page. It's unclear, but Stockman is in that spider-robot thing that projects a holographic image of his head and then Karai stabs it.
Karai is also referring to Shredder's feud with the turtles as well as his misuse of alien technology.
Oh no! that's the end of the stuff I actually wrote out. I'll have to flesh out the end now.
hrmm, that is a misshapen Sai that is being held by Raph, not a crappy hand giving the finger (equally as likely). That blob next to him is Leatherhead sitting down. Judge not my 5 min scribbles!
It might get confusing soon.
soon, oh yes, VERY soon!
Haha, oh man. This "comic" page was on my deviantart for the longest time before I put it here D:
people spell Joy "Joi" now. Because I'm a curmudgeon, however, I'm keeping it the way I've been writing it. Take that, kids!
The perspective was supposed to make the mask look near, but really it looks like it belonged to a giant. oh dear!
Hey peeps- More of these to come!
And thanks for watching it, man!
Yes it's true, I'm finishing the comic!
I never thought I'd still have been at this comic a year and a half later, but here we are. It's been an incredible aid in developing my art skills and developing my first storyline has been particularly challenging because I am no writer. I started the comic because I wanted to improve my art and try new things as well as express my love for tmnt. I think I've accomplished my goals on both accounts. I do need to finish the story in order to have a sense of fulfillment on this project, so I will be posting several of these pages to finish it and will draw select panels of my liking.

I want to thank all the people who have been following my comic. I really appreciate it so much! I confess, I check the site compulsively for days after to see what people write. It means so much to me, despite this being a silly fancomic.
Colour more panels, you say?
Make me!

I couldn't think of any nerdy things to put in Donnie's entrance way. Donnie lives in the same building that his lab is in, but on the top floor. As you can see, it's not an extremely tall building, but there's a lot underground as well, making use of the local sewer system.
They are! I'm not very good with speech bubble planning, so I thought maybe this would be a good idea sometimes :)
ohoho "arresting" I see what you did there. Thanks a bunches :D
Most of the time I can't remember what Raph's accent sounds like, so I misspell stuff a lot and hope no one calls me on it :3
paperwork shmaperwork. Casey's got chasing and shooting that needs to be done.

Casey Casey, you have a ponytail, you know. GIRLS have those.
It's totally made of like.. alien glass. INDESTRUCTABLE
:O he IS! the tramp!
It is indeedly a transformer. Mikey likes to keep all his old stuff.