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Why are the last two frames the same?
Thor's hammer cameo?
of course, pick the cliche of the three...
I hope you don't pick cyndaquil. No offense if you like that pokemon, its just that fire types have been picked too many times for those nuzlockes.
And that is so cliche and predictable the joke is when the very first thing that comes to your mind when you see the 'arrow in knee' part.
February 5th, 2018
@gman: He's probably gonna take Vegeta's place. I mean, he was sent to earth to destroy it originally.
@Mahira: Oh crud, sorry. That message was meant for Artofjoe, but I replied to the wrong thing.
You messed up, he's suppose to be wearing some kind of armor on his face.
Lifting is a pushing motion, not a snapping motion. Google "lifting does not mean stronger hitting"
@artofjoe: the Golden Gauntlet follows more game logic than roleplay. If Link followed RPG logic, then he would be limited by whatever number his weapon is set at and the stat affecting it. By the way, lifting is a pushing motion, not a striking motion
@artofjoe: You're trying to apply real life logic to a video game, it doesn't work that way.

Its like saying Mario has alot of durability because he survived a black hole, and yet he can be hurt by other hazards/enemies.
@artofjoe: Actually, swinging a weapon would have more effective than punching since the gauntlets were used to lift heavy stones and toss them a very far distance.
@evilnidhogg: I've got a bone to pick with you!
upper slash? Don't you mean Back Slice?
another broken image link...
For some reason, the comic is showing as a broken image...
The magically teleporting triforce.
Ha, nice redrawing of ocarina of time's hyrule castle.