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In all of its Twiight Princess glory~
Damn, right in the feel.s
The way you draw is like an animated still frame, I love it.
Another Fire enblem reference!
whoa, day ja vu.. Grima from FE: Awakening said the same thing, the riolu even have the same cape as Lucina..
Never mess with a saiyan and his wife.
KAPOW! Right in the Nostalgic, although his annoyed expression is like.. 'oh god, is this a sonic says episode?'
Sign language? That's a new one for an AU Frisk.
*Cue alarm clock, him waking up with a surprised expression, and him answering his phone with a tired: Hello*
@Starriko: I like the way you think. I hope to see the next update or two soon. By the way, I'm surprised you haven't gotten any comments from dbz fanboys yet.
@Starriko: OOo, I like that idea. The two need to work together, plus Goku gets to use powers outside of his usual ki.
I have a question. Which version of kirby will you be using? Will you be using the kirby from Kirby: dark crystals 64 where he can combine powers to create a new ones? The kirby from the DS games where he can store copied abilities inside of his body and can switch between them? Or just a normal Kirby who can only keep one copy ability at a time?

I suggest fusing them. A kirby who can copy, fuse powers, and store them, will make him quite powerful.
I was hoping Chara wasn't gonna be a thing in this AU...
You should have gone with the word hate forming in his teeth after he grinds them.
February 5th, 2019
You must have been extremely bored.
@EllisMatthews: It's a cartoon that involves a kid creating a portal to a land created in Chalk drawings. Also, what do you mean defeat it? o.O
@Starriko: Good, good. ^^ On a side note, I think you're the first person to make a kirby/goku comic.
So far of this comic I've read, it's a lot like Chalk Zone but in the form of crayons.
@Starriko: Hey, don't worry. You're basically giving Goku a threat he hasn't fought before. Most of them were threats to a planet or universe, but dreams are a different concept that involves the mind. There's just one thing I'd for you to promise me. When they go to face the villain, I don't want the villain to be defeated via a predictable outcome, like a new saiyan form, an overpowered kamehameha, a spirit bomb, etc. I'd like for it to be something that both Goku and Kirby use together, both of them have a pure spirit and they fight for what's right.