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June 3rd, 2019
That's a unique take on the Pokemon, instead of big eyes, it's actual bug eyes.
Lemme rephrase my question: How big is that closet?
Question.. Where exactly are you two? Why is it so dark?
@ZeroProStudio: I read alot of nuzlockes on DA and Smackjeeves.
Why are firetypes the most picked in nuzlocke, grass second most picked, water being third...
Who else read Deedeedee's words in his voice?
@Idk anymore: Monster or not, they can still bring harm to other 'monsters'
Don't scare us like that, I thought you were a monster about to harm our friend.
@Neolancer: You need a new smiley badly.
@StellarBlitz: No, I mean 'it sucks' is a modern term that I don't think would be heard in a medieval land.
That sounds so outta character when they say 'It sucks'
jeeez, that's dark, even for Goku to say considering he's normally childish and full of energy. I mean I couldn't even hear Goku's voice talking like this.
@Starriko: At least I know where Nintendo drew the idea form.
April 12th, 2019
Ok, that's kind of creepy how the bubble's tail is like smoke in his hands.
Time traveling is confusing...
Was that a reference to smash bros? I recall the same arrow blasting through, but a different color.
@Starriko: No problem. ^^
huh, that's clever. The Smash Bros version of the fountain of dreams matches the shape of the kamek look out.