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July 19th, 2017
C + R...
I'd say the answer is obvious.
other than a some spelling errors, you've got a pretty awesome AU going for ya.
frame 2, you mispelt "Hey"
Typo in frame one, don't you mean "Hey" or "Hi" rather than hei?
You made a typo in frames 1 and 2, its spelt shouldn't. not shoudln't, unless you did it on purpose and Android 16 has some some sort accent?
Beautiful comic!
*BANG!* aaaannnd its dead..
....Slap? Really? A Slap sound for a claw attack??
@ArionArts: Nope, you're not first, you're forever laaaaaaaaaaaaaaast!
@Kumotogi: I second this. He's just not himself without his jaw.
@ashstoner021: Your color choices made me think it was Nightmare Ganon from Link's awakening. :p
Wait... is that Nightmare Ganon? Or is he just becoming pig ganon and this visual is just an reference to that game.
What if Beerus went to the universe of DB GT and gave ssj4 goku the power of a god?
Ha! That's a clever idea, I always did wonder what the paintings were based on.
Ha, zelda reference.
May 24th, 2017
"Thou hath anger a forest god"