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My mother is Irish
My father is not
I like video games
More violence than plot

I'm not into sport
Neither fashion nor news
Not much of a talker
I never drink booze
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Sonic n Tails?
EAC:\> Create water
Beg to differ
Top 10%!!
Come oooooooon is awesome comic :)
> Enjoy the Planck epoch

.. Mebe with cake..
Sssssssssssssonic and tails methinks
Get well soon
All the best :/
.. no more exams... ever...
^_^ more time for online comix!
.. and job hunting
just had 2nd last exam... maybe ever...
can taste freedom... and chocolate...
I need to get some chocolate or somit...
@Hyoxjnn: Heh thanks :)
And I meant too old for EXAM stuff. It gets old after a decade and a half. :p
Gotta love straight out mindless action ^_^
Plus this comic of course
... exam... in less than 4 hours...
just um... yh... im too old for this stuff :p
Exams coming...
panicpanicpanicpanicpanicpanicpanicpanicpanicpanicpanicpanicpanicpanicpanicpanicpani cpanicpanicpanicpanicpanicpanicpanicpanicpanicpanicpanicpanicpanicpanicpanicpanicpan icpanicpanicpanicpanicpanicpanic
There's something oddly familiar about this...
just me
cake. i wuld ask for cake.
lots of cake.
cake. -_-
Feelin ur pain
... well, as much as i can.
no exams. till julyish. ^_^
... still.