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I'm a huge fan of Axel, Sephiroth, and Crispin Freeman, but most of my love goes to my cat. My comic's main character was actually inspired by a friend and the others just came randomly. They've gone through a lot of editing, but I finally ended with the set up. Overall, though, I'm a huge fan of Monarchy! I hope all that read Priest Song and Monarchy like it.
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September 15th, 2008
*sobs* I want more! XD Kinda curious how Gray will react. Maybe Gray will get a friend! Cliff seems nice enough (minus accidentally make our girl cry... that may put a damper in the friendship...)
February 5th, 2008
Aww... she's just uncomfortable and not sure what to say. I like the way she looks in the second panel... I wish I could do skirts like that (heck, I wish I could do female anatomy like that)
February 4th, 2008
I want the table! *checks wallet* No, not enough. Reese makes more than me! Wait, I'm unemployed. That might make sense...
O.O Really! Glad to meet a fellow Heather then, especially one who likes my axel icon XD
Just finished reading and I really like this comic! Copy makes me laugh! "I am King"

I have to say that Yukiko is a bit of an idiot. *sighs*
"Time flies when you're having fun" really applies here. I don't know how long I've ACTUALLY sat here reading all *checks* 127 pages, but it certainly took me longer than the thirty minutes it feels like. Seke is awesome, but Chloe is better! Power to the people who hide in the background to pair people up!!!!!
January 29th, 2008
I've never played the game or whatever this is based after, but I love the comic. Gray is so cute ^_^
(All this time and I finally post a comment...)
IF there is anyone out there who thinks Paris and Camilo are awesome raise your hand! *raises hand high in air* I also like Ruby and Skye, and I agree. Bailey and Xin are annoying (and I'm an anime fan! T_T)
eraaxel (just not logged in)
MY ITACHI! *superglomp* Okay... sorry. Love the second panel. Turn's face is so cute ^_^