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I'm not going to describe myself much, except that I'm pretty much a gamer, and I love pokemon. For privacy and such.
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November 4th, 2014
After reading every single other page, this feels so wrong...*shivers and pukes in corner*
Yeah. Remember Layton wasn't born with that hat...we all remember Claire. XD
Luke works at the bakery, and yet can't afford new clothes. XD

It also makes me question how Layton got that...distinctive space suit...along with how he got out of Labyrinthia in the first place. XD
@Minami_Paku: (spoilers still) Strangely, the whole "the magic is fake" thing never occurred to me until it was revealed...granted, it made sense, due to the series, but I noticed things that made no sense according to the explanation. (How did that book take them in, for example? They hadn't drank the water, so that makes no sense...also the statue scene takes on a different meaning. If the magic is fake, then how did the statues do what they did?)

The reason I thought Lady Darklaw was Eve was because while looking for Eve, you find Lady Darklaw, instead (while wearing a strangely similar outfit to that of a black cat...not even her normal one, if you notice), and the fact you never see the two in the same place. Also, Eve didn't "help" when she had the chance, since she said nothing to Luke when they needed it. I was almost disappointing to see that theory completely blown out of the water...and still being casual, too.

Also, the explosion has no revealed point to it. Just saying. :P
@RoochArffer: Thank god, someone else notices the curse of the court: Prosecutors don't have to prove motives, lawyers don't.

...question (this has spoilers), did you believe Lady Darklaw was Eve at any point? Because I believed that for the longest time.
*facepalm* Is it bad if this is what made me realize that...?
"sad dog" is this front-page?
As usual, I would put in an application...and never become shop assassin. ;-;
Wow, how do people get Cameos in this?
My favorite Pokemon? I'll just give you a few since I can't pick.

Latias, Gardevoir, Lucario, Braxien, and Zoroark.
Almost the 200th page, guys! Be excited!
WAIT WAIT WAIT that scar won't be permanent. See page three after the prologue. Both his eyes are fine. (Of course this could be an art mistake, but I like to think it's a plot point. ;3)
Oh, Dialga...when are you NOT mentioned in a Pokemon related disaster?
Mack uses Flame Wheel!

It's Super effective! it bad if I'm pretty much doing the same things? Except, well, I look awesome.
It took me second to get why Kelceon changed color like that, I thought something has splashed him.

Not sure if it grows back or if it hurts...
Congrats! (nooo...Totodile#whatever...I SHALL INVENT GHOST COOKIES FOR YOU)
Wait, does that mean Cubone, Pichu, Charmander, and Vulpix are dead?