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df i love comics 8)
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mhmm, mmmhmmmm. eue
@Lupasolis: I believe we both do ;o
Children running? :<
Wedding :<
jelly mrs.stoat? I think so. c:<
asdsda<3 ;n;
Hrmm I kinda feel bad for Mrs.Stoat, she only wants best for her daughter<3 She just dosn't wantnher babie to growup<33
; _ ; I want i-umg im this close to going into feels overdrive.
; - ; hellll, no. Go. to. him. ;_;
;A; Theese feels Theese feels</33
I just. cried. damnit Will, run or something D:
theese feels
oh mah glob theese feels ;u;
i have a feeling she's going to want to stay with him <3
-makes everything pretty with tinsil-
it needs.. tinsel! :D
they all do eue<3
its so adorable <33 ;A;
catch? a catch? D:
just when i thought "YUP totally gonna be happy ever after.."
ouo <3
okay this sounds akward but i litteraly felt like crying see'ing that. ouo
o-o .. Mr. Stoat are you mad.. or ? >:o