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God I love this story...good work guys!
Come on now gentlemen...update!
Such a good story Gibson...I remember when I read it for the first time...I still can't believe it took this long to put it to much talent!!!!
Awww! I never saw that comment! Love for the Gibby! :P <3
It's been a while since I commented, but just wanted to say, I'm still reading and loving it! :)
Nice crotch bulge! LMAO
It's nice to see all these old characters being put to use, finally! :)
No comment from the Head of the Peanut Gallery?? Ben you are
And yet! No sign of the Catholic Lass!!!!!!
I remember the Q'Weezil! When I saw it I was all like...Oh're stealing Gibby's characters now...tsk tsk tsk....LOL....
Too bad I wasn't there to color in all the black this year! LOL

Good Job Ben!
I better get creds on the eye patch! ;)
The colours look great...the art isn't too bad either! ;)
Oh Bring it to real life indeed!!!!

Oh those were the days! LMAO
I liked the kids in this...always made me think of colin and the crew for some
I remember the emailing of chess games...made me laugh...crazy guys! :P
Oh that town, at a time that feels so long ago...weird...I also thoroughly enjoyed the cameos often found in Ben's work.
You better not forget who funded you during this project, when you are big and famous! :P

I still get chills...
It's so satisfying to see everyone enjoying this...sincerely reason why this can't be printed and a high price ;)
I always said you guys were magical together...LISTEN TO THE PEOPLE!