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Captured comic updates once a week
@DarkDaysAndNights: nah there isn't, I just post when I have time (: x
@Mccull61: the reason for that is because I took about a 4 month break inbetween this update and the last.
This comic is only updated when I get time to set up the pages, not actually as I draw them. I've only been uploading to smackjeeves since Sept 2014, but actually the comic was started in early 2013.
So that's why there's so many art style changes that seem out of place, because i have been working on this comic for a long time and my style just changes naturally over time. So yeah hopefully that can clear up any confusion (:
@Mistress Penny: oh woops, I forgot to resize them, I'll fix that soon thanks for the heads up (:
@hotel-fruity-rumpus: It's a 1D fancomic so it's intended
@Andromeda Lazuli: All fixed, thank you for letting me know (:
@Pajarona: Thank you, I'm glad you're enjoying it (:
@honeyTJae: Thank you for continuing to read, I'm glad you gave it a chance (: x