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@TriaElf9: Heh Yellowstone is part of my country, and I still wouldn't want to run across it willy-nilly. XD I'm definitely glad Kahlik is there to keep him safe.
*stares at Kahlik*
Atwan, how big is that forest? Don't just go rushing in...

Also, what could Kahlik be doing all by himself, hmm?
Thank You
(Cross-posted from Patreon, for your reference.)

One of my favorite webcomics ended this week. It took me by surprise, though it really shouldn't have. Looking back, it had been tying up loose ends for a while, with big changes for the main cast. I think it just didn't feel like that because in essence, the whole comic was about big changes.
Let me back up a bit. Licensed Heroes is a webcomic about jumping into the wider world and trying to land your first job after graduating hero academy in a market that's swamped with heroes. Essentially it's the millennial experience in an inoffensive fantasy coating. I related to it a lot. As a wannabe artist with a physics degree I was overqualified for a lot of jobs. I've worked as a temp, I've had food stamps, I've tried to sell bodily fluids. Watching these heroes struggle through the same things made all that easier. Watching them succeed made me look forward to my own success one day.

I should also mention that I attended college with the comic's artist, Elaine Tipping. She and Licensed Heroes' writer Ben Hsu made several comics over the years, and I guess without them I wouldn't be here today. Before knowing them I had no idea this was a career one could even do. It put the seed into my brain which slowly grew from hobby to back-up career to full-time career. The employment theme of Licensed Heroes even helped inspire my own comic, How We Stay Sane @ Work.

The final post hit me hard, so I felt compelled to make this. It's crazy how all these thoughts cemented themselves as I did. And for the first time in a while I felt myself sucked into an art piece, wanting to render these precious characters on paper and pixels not because I had to, but because I had an emotional connection to them. I didn't want to see them go, but I know they'll live on in my mind forever. (Which means there WILL be a fan-canon at some point. Don't try to stop it.)

Thank you, Ben and Elaine. And best of luck in your future ventures. If you put even half of who you are into these guys, I know you'll be fine.

Thank-you art available to all at:
Oh great, they've advanced from annoying tactics to flat-out passive-aggressive assholery. This is not going well...
Oh my, and being proven right won't have any consequences for scholars' egos I'm sure!
Yeaaaah, you're back! *throws confetti*
@Tiny Blue Dragon: Only if there are benefits involved. Oh, and you have to pay for cross-world transportation.
Don't blame Sarah, that is a pretty dumb idea. What he needs to be pitching are Team Tattoos. Every hero has a license, but since team composition tends to swap around until a good skill/temperament combo is found, only mid to high-level adventurers would have Team Tats!
Also tats for boasting about monsters killed or situations bested would sell well I bet.
@Guest: My personal favorite is peanut butter and honey sandwiches. They don't need refrigeration, they're cheap, and they're somewhat healthy.
Always bring your own food to a convention. Or your own food-finding minion.
You learn pretty quick working a table who wants to be talked who and who will break your soul.
Of course by the time they get the furniture out of the dark dank warehouse they've stored it in it won't be in any condition to be guild-approved.
Triplicate? Someone would make a fortune inventing magical copiers in this world.
Sorry, no returns on used merchandise.
Makes me think of all the sporting goods stores around here, and the one REI. We're really more about hunting than camping out here, guys...
GwS' site had some problems too. I wonder if something's going around?
Eagle, don't run away. You'll miss all the fancy cake and punch!
Market Surveys
We've chosen to sell a product that everyone will want to buy over... a product that everyone will want to buy.
Oh yeah, 4 days off work! I'm gonna get so many comics done! *plays Minecraft for 4 days*
My friends are turning me against my friends! ...wait...