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October 30th, 2019
Oh no, we were robbed of seeing baby Tuomi climb into the oven?! O..O
@Kasper Haha, yeah, anyone who's ever played RPGs will recognise it as a red flag :P
@Kasper You can call it that :P
@Kasper The other running theories are: "divine punishment" and "misalignment of the stars" :P
"Sorry to interrupt your very serious discussion, but where's the loo? I wouldn't want to soil these nice blankets you've so kindly provided."
(sorry XD)
Hahaha your hover text is EXACTLY what i wanted to write in the comment XDDD
That guy in the front of the boat has the best tatoos (?) ever!
the incentive killed me... XDDD
Now i have a theory that it was 'Local BishieTM' who gave Mal that mask-hood he wears. This way he'd still be the prettiest face outside of the camp XD
Sneaky Renka, swearing (or almost swearing) in a language her Gran won't understand!

Also is it weird that i find Mal's banana form in the last panel a perfect dakimakura design?
can i just say i adore your panelling? <3

Also, bless Nadi for coming to save her man from the scary Mom In Law...
April 10th, 2019
Yes! So happy to see you back! Don't worry about the steadiness of updates, we're all people, we know how life is. I'm so looking forward to new pages tho! <3
Mal looks like a reverse Zorro in there XD

Also can i take a moment to squeal about the latest incentive? It made me laugh so hard :D
@papierowybandyta Haha that is a very good point! Maybe it's the southern sun that soothed his temper. Or maybe he's grown up :D
I see Mal and Granny are doing good cop bad cop parenting XD Poor Reneall, she'll end up confused...
Nadi uses 'flirt'. It is very effective.

Oh, it would be wrong to waste a barbarian in prime condition like that :D

Clan duty comes first, bonding is a serious step an all that... but yeah, slick dad is slick :D
@RobinRosenblad :
Unfortunately, oh yes.
And, yes, being a pretty boy is in Zenwu's job description :D
Haha, yes, this looks like typical sibling cooperation :) I love the swirly background in the final panel!
March 16th, 2016
Haha, let the group brooding session commence :D