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I'm a graphic designer who loves to draw comics, write music and read.
@Rehab Bunny: It certainly could be :} I originally meant it just as knock off Redbox lol
Unfortunately I won't be able to finish the pilot until next year :{ due to time and junk.

Fortunately I have some more recent stuff up on tumblr if you wanna check that out.

really late. I know :/
@kirby knight 1000: its being rebooted later this year hopefully.
@lkutheawesome: Thanks I will :]
March 22nd, 2013
The plan is to restart the comic by October. Hopefully before then if I can. I'm also moving this summer so that won't help. Thank you so much for everyone's who's read so far!
February 26th, 2013
I drew this cover a few weeks ago but I drew this chapter last october so expect a big art shift. I may eventually go back and redo chapter one and two down the road. who knows.
I busted out laughing reading this page XD
@kirby knight 1000: I always feel bad for big guy :{

Everyone always forget about him.
If threre's no glow there's no monsters folks!
@LibertyCabbage: Your welcome :} I know all too well that feel where you don't know if something will work out or not haha
@kirby knight 1000: haha what's impossible. That he's that bad at directions? Big guy has been living there his whole life but still doesnt't know his way around XD
@kirby knight 1000: Yeah big guy is pretty bad with directions XD
Nice job on the crowd scene!
I'm diggin the mountains :}
vinchi's smile is classic!
I'm already in love with this comic. Also the bunny fingers dude is hilarious!
@Phones: Yep, I noticed. There are a few errors here and there throughout the comics. I try not to spend too much time on each page. Especially considering I wanted to have finished the one-shot by now Dx
January 25th, 2013
@Guest: Yeah, it feels really good to share this.
@Phones: Thanks phones!
@Guest:I figured a fictional horror movie would be funnier than a real one XD
Thanks for commenting!