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@Vlad: yea no they didn't

@NtKGar: oh yea can't get rid of that, I was just saying what version I thought of since I don't watch much Simpsons...
that is not the version of the song I was thinking of
I was thinking of Family Guy's version "I'm a tumor"
sorry Neko the cake is a lie
(I'll just show myself out now)
Great now not only do I have bird crap all over my car, I also have tree crap on it...
not sure about the title, I think he may be more Chaotic then Lawful, Poe that is...
though that vote incentive, at least he's not trying reverse dia... nevermind...
Just noticed an error in the last panel of the previous page, her right fist was about to hit Sarette even though she threw, and connected with, a left...
Also you missed a 'you' in the third panel "Why are 'you' so powerful?"
Also these really harkens back to the pages 3 and 4 where she demolishes that cyborg strength punching bag
and just when it couldn't get worse, I picture NtKGar's avatar next to the third panel...
Is it just me or does anyone else think Maisy is still considering having Poe summon them, despite the epic explosion? (or maybe because of...)
The bushes would be where Neko and Maisy did the deed that lead to the kittens being born in the apartment
This is not shown within the comic because of Gar is adamant about not drawing any 'kitty porn,' which he mentioned in the comment section around that time
@NtKGar oh yea... and now that I look at the size of the buildings, it is way out there which the one view we have of that side of the train would be much too short to see even its edge
Sense... not... make...
Keno actually answered a question I made about 3-4 comics ago about the tree gnome, it doesn't make any sense, why question it?
which is also why I'm not going to try to figure out why a city in a dome suddenly appeared in an area that there was no city in a dome at all in previous comics...
or how you can be "in Lost"...
I've got to ask, what is with the Tree Gnome?
gah the banana looks like that one guy with the 3 balls (can't for the life of me remember his name now) and that is so not 'erotic' (I do remember that being his favorite word to describe anything)
I can see the Vote Incentive being "For Science" as well
which is just very creepy
thanks to that guest comment I just had to pull up nyancat in the background and watch the slapping panel...
It works... it's so creepy how well it works...
I think the face Neko is making in the third panel would make for a good Avatar pic (I still like mine, I'm just saying)
Vote incentive just screams "I missed" to me
@Lycos: that would be the day if there was a April 31 but since April only has 30 days it doesn't work out
went on Wikipedia to look up the origin of Play-Doh, it was a wallpaper cleaner to get coal stains off the wall, it became modeling clay when a classroom of children got a hold of a can and start playing with it

The More You Know! (Insert picture of Neko with rainbow coming out his butt here)
Tried your link, Youtube won't let me view it since the uploader has made it unavailable in USA
Found it anyways, band let it through on their VEVO channel but wichitarecordings didn't, kinda funny