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i do things
there was a time..
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Pfft.. silly heroes. Did they really think he would leave a release button just sitting around for them to find?

2nd Danno ---> Comics = Pwn.
aint that always the way... pfft.
so the truth finally comes out : that IS the lamest joke EVAR.
HAHA what a scam! ;)
ah human nature... all too necessary yet completely retarded.
tisk tisk... shouldn't be keeping secrets like that.
heh... since when are coconuts brown?
are you insane, ns?
this is just brilliant.
i love the dEatH..
the second frame couldn't be more perfect...
and the chk chk as if the gun actually made that noise ;)
you got style.
ahh, poor emo koopa... i never seen a sadder turtle =(
----> 2 Dragonman..

the beauty of cartoons: cartoons can do anything.

----> 2 TG..

mr. 16 looks ravishing. good eye. =)

im not sure where that clunk came from but its impairing my ability to read the obviously ironic line with the word taxi in it...

"in need of the names of yourselves"...
what an unfortunate situation xD
when i read this i feel like a starving person when they get all the foodz they could ever want. thank you for filling my belly. yum yum.
SHE of who's name we can not speak :/