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wow, haven't updated this in awhile well i'm currently 18 years old, freelance artist/writer, just gotta push myself to post my stuff online XD uhm i love to draw & i love manga i'm looking for a job & i'd love to talk to you so don't be afraid to drop me a line :P .... ok i sound weird saying that, don't be afraid to pm me XD
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i want his shirt X3
i really do not like this woman .__. but awesome story! X3
yay! this will actually be an awesome pairing cause when i watched the movie i wanted them to be together too XD can't wait to read more :)
as annoying as it is, it makes sense

in any manga, opposites attract so you have the popular outgoing type with the shy quiet lonely type, if you had a guy whose also shy & lonely then there wouldn't be much of a plot until you have some guy appear & be all "blah lah lah" & make the shy guy do something! X3

no what annoys me is when every single hot guy in a manga loves the main char when she's not even that pretty .___.
ok that WAS you xD i was all like "... who is this person? >.>" & okies~ ^-^
aw really? ; W;
doesn't he look sad? rp with him! XD yeah raiden's playing by himself & wants a friend~ also drawn with a tablet, yes! X3

edit: i just realized, i forgot to draw in his right hand -.-
i-i ... i feel so left out ;--; i want to rp with you guys but i don't know who wants to rp with me Dx
aw~ i feel so left out ;--;

everyone's rp'ing without meeeee~ *has never been in an online collab before*
would ... would anyone like to be with my chars? o3o
yay! X3
thank you! ^w^ i like hair thats multicolored <3

oh! also, could you guys add me?
niffy_92 for skype

i'll do manga pages & rp with words & draw pics :)
Blizzard: Pyry Yuki
age: 22
God of Blizzards
personality: quiet & cold, doesn't like talking to others very much & when he does he's extremely quiet & only talks a little
other: very into drawing & poetry, though he hates showing his work to others

(sorry for again another crappy coloring job, he was being a pain in the butt so i only colored hair, skin & eyes :P )
lightning: Raiden Levitas
age: 19
God of Lightning
personality: very bouncy & happy, random & loud, he loves to randomly jump in shout 'lightning' then bounce away
other: has a lightning bolt tatoo on his forehead

(sorry for crap coloring job, i was lazy but i wanted to color him XD)
i'd like to join if possible, friend of mine is part of this collab & she invited me ^w^;
skype: niffy_92
((i have yahoo & aol but i'm on those 2 more))
first comment! X3

whoa he looks scary o_o;;
i have a friend who reminds me SOOOOO much of her!!!!
my friend would soooo do that! XD
that's hilarious keep up the good work <333
aw lame too bad i didn't read the comments XD

i wouldv'e said jack :]
i know! he prolly can tell by her clothes cuz they weren't designer clothes? XD

lols anyways love your comic, very awesome <333
to the last pg, oohh okies X3 thankies ^^

also! i love your comic! it's so awesome <3333