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What makes N15H tick?

~I go by Nish here on t3h internet cuz of all those psycho rapists! Oh god!
~I like to watch the video gaming channel on TV even though I don't play many video games
~Shounen ai and yaoi makes my world go round (that's not all I read, just mostly)
~Well-written books and lyrics can almost make me mess my pants (i know...i'm just weird like that...)
~I'm /very/ single...wonder why...*looks up at fact numba' 3*
~Even though I don't play many video games, I. Love. Kingdom Hearts 2. Shut up, I don't care if it "sux" or was "2 ez 4 u".
~Barnes and Noble and Atomic Comics, Caffeine and music are my crack...
~I have a neck fetish...literally, I do...
~I have a lip piercing fetish too...
~And a dragon tattoo fetish...
~I have two of the bestest friends anyone can ask for! Kuroi and Clyde are awesome friends and I love them so much! ^_^
~Angst and fluff...O_o
~Axel and Roxas forever! Sora and Riku too! KAIRI CAN ROT IN HELL! *ahem* yesh... I can feel bad for the woman T_T
how annoying.

the mom's annoying. someone should smack her. she should get over herself "the world doesn't revolve around YOU woman!"

hmmm...everyone freakn' about incest...

as long as it isn't incest between a girl and a guy...and as long as mpreg isn't a factor in this story...who cares? it's not like they KNEW and got the smex on anyways.

and i think she's talking about richard, right? he has black hair and all his siblings have blonde hair...right? he's illegitimate child? hmmmm?


must know what's happening.
November 28th, 2007
i wanna know why he has snakes on his arms too...hmmmmm...
November 17th, 2007
cooooool...makes sense with the explanation...
November 17th, 2007
WAH! AXEL *death times twenty plus damage kupo*

siiiigh...YAY AXEL! man i love him with a passion...

And hi Kuroi squared!

and of course, Ed and Al! they needs some love too!
faved....cuz yeah...

love it...
yay more MS paint masterpieces!
We miss you Clyde, sooooooo much! I love you and wish you were here and gimping through the halls at school are mighty boring without seeing you whenever I turn the corner. I really REALLY miss you *cries* and I really hope you can make it to my new years party or something times twenty billion and five!

yay! *keeps head in gutter*
Yay! MSpaint!

Hate that information box with a passion...

Like my hair colour? *waggles eyebrows* yeah i dyed my hair all cool...tried to replicate it on MSpaint...didn't

anyway, yesh...i said something along the lines of that once when kuroi was over and we laughed so was slightly funnier at 2 in the morning after drinking coffee, mt. dew, and eating a bowl of ice cream...

...*would say 'nuff said' but is dead*


*is sobbing in the afterlife*
oh...i can sooo see where this is headed...i mean...>_> how adorable *slowly pulls head out of gutter*
Clyde and I were sleeping over...and Kuroi and her step-dad were watching Dr. Who...and there was a cliffhanger...Kuroi was standing up for some reason...

and she FELL TO THE FLOOR...she twitched...moaned...gurgled...I thought she was dying for a second...

*shakes head*

Dr. Who looks cool...but I refuse to watch it cuz it'd just FUEL HER ADDICTION!!


gtg to a game...

enjoy Kuroi and other fans!

When I have writers block, Hunter smokes...and when I try to write during writers block, he puts his cigarettes out on my brain...frying my brain...owwie...*rubs brain*
An update?! No way! life got hectic!

Seriously joke...Clyde was sorta crying, Kuroi never cries for movies, and I was sobbing...

good times, good times...
that was great entertainment! made my day!
October 4th, 2007

lol...makes my day...
sooo adorable!!

at least i think it is >_>
gah! i'm up to date!

plus fave!!!