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Gee, I could not have gone through my day without knowing that you acknowledged that you in fact have twenty fans; and made a comic within three minutes.
these speech bubbles are awful.
they don't look right from here.

needs more slowbro :c
his cane is gone. alright.

also waddle dee needs to keep his whore mouth shut.
Does he have a cheesy catch-phrase?
Needs like seven more spikes. Also the eyes need to be red. Like fucking deep red. Cause he had a Chaos Emerald shoved up his butt when he was born. He can turn super duper. Fuck.

Like shove that emerald in deep.

Coincidentally I was listening to the Pokémon Red/Blue OST. When I clicked on this comic, the forest theme came up.

To say the least, I was grinning.
Color this son. I love this comic and the style; It's reminiscent of Scott Pilgrim.

But I also lose the hair styles. So clean cut.
Make defining borders around the panels, preferably 1x. Revamping the head banner would be easier to the eyes.
That was the greatest joke, ever.

Just post this on imageshack and link it to the application.
I am a male, and I am straight. However I can somewhat relate this web-comic to either side of the argument, I'm guessing it's about the same. But what I love about this comic, is that it has a broad sense of humor that configures to real life emotions that we all struggle with; even if we are afraid to admit it, homosexual or not. Another thing is the art style, it gives us an impression that you may have a simple one track mind on how you convey your feelings to actual actions. Which makes us like the character even more, relating ourselves to the inner thoughts; rather than hiding them.

I'd love to see more of this comic, so please keep updating.
This needs more Corphish.