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Such and Such
I'd lie if I said I was interesting. So instead, I'll just say that things aren't always as they seem, and neither are people.
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    Not an asian name, that's for sure.
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that looks like it says 'sorry'. Also I apologize but the first thing I thought when I saw the clothes on the floor was "Well someone got pretty busy har har."
Billy is so adorable.
Haha,man of my dreams, I get it.
Wow it has been a while, I sincerely apologize for the lack of news from me. Anyway, to update what I've doing, I am going to college in a few days so that's nerve-wrecking. The main reason I haven't updated was because I didn't have a tablet for a couple of months, but now I do again (for how long, I am not sure.)

So to cut to the chase, I am planning to stop this comic "Just Another Life." I started this at the beginning of my high school life, and I think it's only appropriate that it ends there. Oh man, at the begging of this it was honestly just for fun and I really enjoyed drawing it, even if sometimes I wasn't 100% into it. Still, it gave me some good laughs and memories, especially the older parts of this. I'll always remember how this was my first self-narrative comic I drew, despite its choppy updates. And through it all, I don't regret doing any of it.

So, for future comics. I know I'm not one for promises, so I'll just say I would like to start some stories in the future, to keep up my art skills. They will most likely just be test runs, and not very serious. I don't know if I will post them here, but I will probably start at this site, and hopefully expand to other ones. Again, no promises, just ideas on what I'd like to do.

But always, thank you so much for coming with me so far and I hope to see you guys reading my other stores in the future. See you all later. *throws confetti
Hadn't thought about that.
I feel like I'm about to go crazy without my tablet pen.
I have recently discovered that Bowling for Soup is AWESOME.
Today was windy as fuck and I had to walk outside to set up for an art show. Rain is nice, when it's not windy.
I'm still figuring out some college stuff, and whatever the heck I'm gonna do when I transform into a legal adult. But right now, I just feel really tired of caring. Just let me sleep.
Sorry for not updating.
I've never had those "Can you draw me" moments before, but now that I have it's annoying as fuck. In the moment, you don't really think about it much, because you think "Well it's just one picture how could it hurt?" But when you are using up your time and resources for nothing, it feels kinda like you're underappreciated. Life lesson kids, don't ask artists to draw you stuff and expect it to be free because it is offensive to their careers as artists. Be respectful, and for the love of god please stop asking them to draw you.
Self-esteem works in mysterious ways.
This story is adorable, God knows how many times we've all been insecure about our bodies.
The prices for my tastes range from: hell yeah to: not even if you were reborn a million times over.
I want people to fight wars over my gender.
Me whenever I try doing anything EVER.
I hope yours is filled with lots of love.
Such and Such
February 9th, 2015
@Torakodragon: Congrats then! :D You guys are really cute together.
Such and Such
February 9th, 2015
But the question is, did you say yes?
I know that I'm not the most well-put together person, but know that whether you're a new or old fan, I appreciate you and your show of support.