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-loves her luffly boyfriend A.K.A UXD- ;3

I am... The Bunni >3< Bow down before me!

And howdy to the people in the UK 83 -sips tea-
That's my lazy boy ^-^~

And at least they're having fun |3
The answer's Kyogre. You see him/her in the second panel in the background.
You do know the "whee" Ryan is saying is the one that goes down the toilet? XDDDDD
Poor them. I hate it when the poles do that >< Expecially when there's a load of spikes covering the bottom half of the next platform D:
I've got that song in my head now from the Sugababes >< Thanks a lot Ryan D<
Ryan really is stupid >_> Or is it the lack of oxygen from being underwater? O_o
Walking on sunshine... underwater? O_o Dare I ask? XD
God that's funny XD Ryan'll probably learn not to mess with those fish again ^^
Those fish annoy me >< So I just leave them alone ^^ And then something else kills me down there ._.
God I wonder how everyone else can put up with whiny Ryan... I wonder how Violet puts up it O_o
Ryan always has to learn things the hard way XD

Violet: -smirks-

I know what you're thinking and it's digusting ><
I remember trying to speak underwater >< My dad resorted to farting to communicate with us ._.
-dies laughing- Pure genius! XD You know what would be funny? No water to catch them at the bottom XD
-puts on my swimming cossie- 83 I have a sudden urge to sing "It's raining men" now... I don't know why either D:
It's be a bonus if Ryan landed on his head; it'd knock some sense into him. But knock everyone else out in the process O_o
-dances- I was right about the name ^^ Amazing what Photobucket can offer XD
-le gasp- O=

Violet: ...

Thought it sounded good .-.
Red really is an idiot -.- I wonder what the others are like >_>
We all want to play the minigames Ryan .-. We all do >_>

Geirmund: Except me...

That's because you're boring ¬¬
-practically dies laughing- XD Neville! ... I've just had a thought of Neville Longbottom .-. Damn that name D<