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    Herny Tan
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Oh man this is so awesome.
Colour is always cool

Mii you are my new hero~ for continuing this comic
Crys won! Shame for lads, but he was just unlucky lol
Lack of recognitino
"Who are you?" lol
It's ok
Your comic is great, I'd rather see a good but slowly updated comic than a bad but frequently updated one.

And of course everything has to do with Gold and Kris, Silver. Everyone knows the world revolves around them :)
Judging from her naivety, she would probably be excited and go with him just for the heck of it
Gah, does everyone read from

Well, I guess it IS the best site to read pokespe

Awesome new plot you are doing, me likey

ps. THAT JOKE IS AWESOME, it would be a shame if people didn't do it
Pretty much sums up my comments for the last 3 pages.
Also, where's the violence towards Kotone? I was kinda hoping to see some action...

Ah well, at least everything went better than expected
That second last panel, what is it supposed to be?
I can't believe I didn't notice you were back until now!
YEEEAAAAAHHHHHHHH comics are on again
Well, here's hoping you get a new one soon
Well, I subscribed. Just because it's you :)
You should get an RSS feed though.