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I've been drawing for as long as I can remember, with a penchant for pretty manga since middle school.

I like to write romance and drama themes with a touch of humor and darkness. Lately I've been delving more into science fiction and action genres.
I hope you enjoy my work!

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    Christina Crawford
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What if you could control your dreams?
Oneiro Pharmaceutical Corporation is working on developing an innovative product that allows you to do just that. People who have night terrors, PTSD, and insomnia could potentially use the new drug to sleep peacefully throughout the night without fear of nightmares.
However, there's a darker, more dangerous side of the dream space... and changes made there can alter the world of reality.
Welcome/Screen Tones
Welcome to Oneiro Door!
This is my first comic using something other than PhotoShop, and it's already been tasking to learn a new program! So far the most awkward part is trying to get the screen tones right without that moire effect. I'll get better with more practice :)
Thank you for visiting.
i love the scenery in this one!! (brag brag) ^_^
yesh yesh placebo is on evans shirt! yay for sleeping w/ghosts. :) all throughout the comic there will be bands and brands i love. :D
xoxo -christina
right to left!!!!????
this particular strip is really not right to left, but normal american left to right. i'm sorry. i'm dumb today or something. or just dumb. >_< haha
haha. :D
p.s: shounen ai... uhh.. sure looks like it, idk yet... buut...uhhh... yeah prolly. it's heading that direction! :)