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hey my name is bocodamondo. i do artwork, animations and mangas.

just google "bocodamondo" and then you will find thel all
@Anonymous: because i dont understand japanesse
get ready for the 4th chapter
@Appleandorange33: actualy no...but i had to finish a few more to go. after i finish it, il return to make chapter 4
@Appleandorange33: chapter 3 is soon finished. but yeah i was just bizzy doing other stuff thats why i couldnt post more pages lately. but il try to do new ones soon as possible
@Andrew Wolfwood: haha indeed ^^
a fight between monkey d luffy and natsu dragneel
you might like it
@Scar: i have no idea how to advert in that comic. maybe you can do it for me
i could use
some views & comments for my manga
@Scar: i hope it works
@Scar: thanks ^^ but natsu is really easy to draw, because fairy tail art style is pretty much like my own, luffy is hard to draw. espacily because hes eyes are beside the nose. im not used to draw that
@Scar: since im a big fan of Onepiece and fairy tail . i want to make this as epic as possible with the best moves of luffy and natsu :3
i was listening to the comedy Naruto Soundtracks while i was drawing this page
@Snowwater: haha thanks ^^
i try to make it as much entertaining as possible ^^
October 26th, 2012
lol haha ^^ nice work
@Zetsub: yeah, you right ...but i think my english gotten better since back then why i did this fitst chapiter