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I popped some cherries at the grocery store. They said i made a mess and ruined their produce, so they banned me lol.
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So good to see you and the comic back! I swear, this is still the best pokemon comic I've seen so far
Fresh new look!
I quickly got tired of the original story and design, so let's see how far this one goes. I'll try to update at least twice a month
I'm gonna be honest, I'm really loving these stories (and this cover page, so amazing!), but part of me is still hoping we'll get a paraplegic, hardcore gamer, or actual legit/not family guy-esque nudist in a future story
February 14th, 2017
that was blunt
@slaybay: i'd add a jojo reference, but i can't think of one.... but in all seriousness, i can't help but guess Cubone and Eevee
I just realized what you did with the title, Full Specter/Spectrum in reference to the... inky ghosty things i forgot the name of, as well as the wide array of characters and possibly reference to the LGBT themes

very clever
As Atty and (I'll call him Dante) stare into each others eyes, their hearts begin to race faster than a Dodrio can run, their chests begin to heat up hotter than a Magmortar's flame, their bodies feel as if they're higher than a Skarmory dare fly. Neither of them knew what this feeling meant, but neither of them could get enough. They both wanted more.

Dante slowly inched toward Atty, pulling him closer until their lips were locked in romantic combat. Their cheeks red as Roserades, their hands unable to stay off of one another, their tongues dancing the forbidden dance. As they continued, a young girl in the distance proceeded to watch and bleed through the nose like it was her cause. From this day forth, young George was the happiest girl alive and Atty and Dante lived on as lovers in harmony.

The end
Wow... Looking back at your old pages, your old style reminds me of a talented middle schooler who likes kingdom hearts, but now it looks like someone who's been making western comics in the 90's for several years. : 0
Things I notice with this picture?
Bellsprout's eye isn't a swirl.
How did Horsea get on land?
I thought George's hair was blue but I love it still.
And finally, I totally wanna see some male character kiss atty someday, even if its not mutual
The panel with Serena and Xaden chatting dramatically has a bit of the speech bubble on top leaving the panel
dunno why but that panel close to Atty's eye makes his tears look like slime oozing out imo
Is it bad if I just wanna see Atty taking a shower at some point then suddenly Kahn is there too and battle in the public showers?
@GreyWolf: Wait, when did he see a death? I thought Dizzy died when everyone else was away and just Xaden saw
@PJSam: Yes, Rat's a male. You can tell by the tail
CAnnot even so happy more cool people are jojo manga fans
@T.Wood: just because there's no indication of his sexuality doesn't mean he's most likely asexual. Maybe he's some sexuality but not really interested? Has that ever crossed your mind?

@Eco: and what if Atty turned out to be gay?
Dammit, David, just marry him and start a family already. You can be the mommy, and he can be theOHGODHUGEASSSPIDERONMYMONITORHELP
pasty ass
that sounds so nasty lol
He's not the nugget guy, he fights the guy who was dating misty in the game, who is the gym leader here with a cleverly chosen name, and he gets his ass kicked until Rat uses some electric move and then he blows something up and gets in trouble. Then that duo that i keep wanting to call cool jessie and james will become his rivals.
I just realized Irwin's name is perfect with the origins of Irvin and Irwin and such