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December 25th, 2016
It's ok. Really. You have every right to grow and change. I do think that there was some value in bringing this back, if not for the rest of us, then for yourself.
You tried, you thought this was what you wanted to do and the story you wanted to tell and you tried. And that's ok. Besides, you'll still be putting your story into the world, it may not be a full comic, but that doesn't change the fact there is still a form of completion. It took me a long time to realize that not completing something the way I had intended didn't automatically equal failure (especially in my craft/work), and I do hope you realize or remember that as well. Your work and hobbies are an extension of you, but you are not your work. And that's ok. This doesn't make you a hyoocrite or anything like that, it makes you a person. So don't worry.
Also, thank you. Thank you for sharing your story and your art. Thank you for giving others an explanation. And, I (as someone who really understands the shift away from this scene) would love to see what other stories and artwork you make in the future. Evolution is a beautiful thing, so don't feel bad or sad or like you are letting people down, because it really is ok. Work on things that make you passionate amd excited.
Also, I obviously don't know your personal situation, but I do genuinely wish you the best.
And again, thank you.
You won't be missing most of the content by not being able to subscribe through patreon, just the nsfw coontent. They actually posted about this here: where it specifically says that the free version is simply an "abridged" version. We will still get all of thenmain story and that doesn't mean you should or have to give up reading the comic entirely. I understand that it sucks to miss content if you aren't able to pay for it but it is no different than adding extra scenes to purchasable printed books. Please don't forget that reading FREE quality art is already a luxury. They don't have to allow any of us to access any of this story or their work at all, but they are and as a whole we aren't missing out on that much. (Not that I DON'T want to see the nsfw stuff, because I certainly do, but that doesn't change the story, and we still understand the implications)
Thank you.
February 26th, 2015
@rhf123: I'm with this guy! Get on top of each other. XD
@Cyna: Haha, it was horrible. But now it's kind of a funny story. That's definitely a good thing. Perhaps next time I have weird art school stuff, I should find a yaoi printer instead! And I'm sure he's seen much worse than what you've made. Like tentacle porn. XD
Don't worry about feeling jugded for making something, the shame will pass eventually. I once made a book on teratophilia (the sexual attraction to monsters) for art school stuff that the printer refused to print..... all stress aside from a critique deadline, there is no shame and judgement that can compare to walking into a printer and being THAT guy that wanted THAT book.
October 28th, 2013
I do have to say, I'm am quite pleased with her character. I know she was getting a fair amount of hate ((in my opinion, unnecessarily)), but I am thrilled to see that she is a fully realized character. Not that I doubted she would be, but given the standard yaoi set up good females are few and far between. To be honest, I'm almost as excited to see more of her as I am to see the rest of the development between Edelric and Vilbert.
August 30th, 2013
@Cyna: And here I was going: "Man! That hair is awesome." XD
For some reason, I really love looking at Jacob in color. Not just because it's colored, but there is just something so aesthetically pleasing about the colors and tones in his skin, hair and eyes.
Wonderful, beautiful snake