Hello! I've been here for a while now, so I should probably change this.
I like this website a lot! It's neat! I discovered it around 2012. I have read lots of comics on here and they are all really cool!
I've tried to make some comics, but tvkndkfjvniuerhfwerhf so I stop making them.
!!!! Wowwah this comic is good please contineu it's really neat and cute the art is superb and also the story is really cool because MAGIC thank u that is all xoxo <3
Gross teeth for finger nails I wonder if they have finger nails for teeth
They are dead already
Oh well at least he saved Judy and the bat lady for a bit
Dang it Gloom u were supposed to talk about the weather
So uh how's the weather
Whatever it is, ur fans are loving it <3
Of course she isn't look at those big, blue eyes
I thought they had monkey feet but it's heels oops
See I told you the Bat Lady is dead :(
Edit wait I forgot she already has parents?
Ya right next page he'll be like "Lebeau? Did u hear me? I guess you're a ghost now"
Watch out VAL
Awww, I liked the bat lady. :(
Tbh when I get my own house, this will be me every day.
April 15th, 2017
Aaawwwwwwwwwee :3