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My comic has been in the making for about a month now it consists of photoshopped images of myself and my two best friends as characters (names changed to incriminate the guilty) with occasional cg and art by my co-author.
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Ever hear of art? This is not art. This is a pic we just threw together to keep the pace until Monday when the next comic is posted. I've seen hundreds of comics with less entertainment value than this and you know what? No really you wanna fucking know what??? I continue on. You don't like it? Big fucking deal. I'm posting the shit I like and making comics the way I like to. Don't like photo comics then don't go see A Softer World and don't click on something posted by a man who is just holding a camera out at Arm's Length and posting along side these tepid slices of comic meat pictures his friends throw together. Oh, and tell me what it tastes like to eat me, I've heard its quite salty.
Thanks everyone
Thanks for the posts, I'll see what I can do about the fonts. I decided to have the first Friday Filler I post be one of the first images I ever photoshopped. As for the story behind it I was searching for pictures of cute kittens to help calm my nerves when I found a cat hissing at a dog. Two hours later I was doing random searches when I saw a picture of John Ashcroft. Thirty seconds later I had this image. Today I added the text while remaking a few comics for next week. See you all Monday. Peanuts, nostrils, happy-trails.
fear not
Not every comic will consist of a liver exploding. This was just the sample comic I made when I was wasting my time with keenspace and since it was technically the first comic I ever made I decided to post it first. Thanks for the comments, I know some people think that a comic that is not hand drawn isn't really a comic, to me if it's funny it doesn't make a difference if it is molded out of fecal matter. In the end everything still comes down to taste. Speaking of fecal matter and taste my e-mail is if anyone wants to chew the shit with me. The next comic will be posted Wednesday night.
I second that notion.
Love the artwork, wish I had that talent, and agree there are too few comics that don't rely on video games.