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Pokemon art hobbyist, petstore manager, and Nuzlocke forum featurer and mod, Pokemon comics discord mod. Currently gearing up for a total reboot of my old nuzlocke (Jam does a Nuzlocke) for it's successor (Stardust Road). I also do Rob Zombug on the Nuzlocke forums.

If you have any questions or need help regarding either the Nuzlocke forums or Pokemon Comics Discord, feel free to message me!

Pokemon Comics Discord:

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I like how the smoke kind of looks... Lacy? or like a flower petal. It's cute!
Good luck with the gym, and also your update schedule!
Despite the wide eyed stare, I do find the Celebi pretty cute
I just realized that the dialogue is hand written. I never thought about it, because of how legible it is. O:
oh shit its the hokage
I knew the shell algae was because of their age! Had no idea that was canon until now though. O: It's such a cool detail.
Kick! His! Ass!
She's vain, but she can take care of herself. I love it.
Ooooo, that is such a strong silhouette of the Incineroar!Your characters so far are so expressive.
I like the little detail of plant-life on the shell. It's such a clever way to make them unique, and provide some character.
this is a niche I don't think I've ever seen in a pokemon comic before! But it's obvious you enjoy it, because it comes out with a lot of energy and personality. I like it!
A twist! Always love a good change of pace in game based comics. I forget what I'm reading and start getting sucked in.
@Macbro-213PKM: Oh, grammar means your english skills. Your art looks good! And I'm sure doing a comic will make your art even better.
Oooooh, cool! I see you're taking after eeveelution squad, then. Your artstyle is simple, but cute. Aaaand, you won't spend forever making pages, so hooray for not working yourself to the bone!
Your art looks good here! If your going to post in english, I would see if you can get someone to check your grammar. It will help you learn easier and faster, and also make it easier to English readers to enjoy your comic! (Of course, that is all up to you, if you even want to. I'll try to follow along even if you don't get a beta-reader)
February 1st, 2019
I'm not quite sure what I read, but I appreciate it's existence nonetheless.
@Hawktalon,: oh god, i was so confused for a second. It is a nice detail with recognizing IRL animals and not Pokemon, tho. I think I see more humans from he pokemon world than humans from the real world. I can't strike-out but PMD was the first really big isekai genre and I stan this story angle.
oh my goodness, your characters are so cute. You juggle so many while still giving them such defined traits. I love it! None of it feels shoehorned, and they're so loveable.
@Pixel Brush: Haha, nah, I never said it was a bad thing. You do you.
Aw, this comic is cute. I think adding the deku scrub to your cast has really added a nice dynamic, too!
I like the world building going on with this one! It's cool to see you latch onto Unova's lore as well, especially since the games just oh so subtly drop Unovan lore in there, anyways. I don't see a lot of the themes you have pursued in pokemon fan comics often, if at all, so I'm excited to see where you take this from your unique view.