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Hello! The name's Jess. I'm not really all that good at drawing, so it's unlikely that I'll ever post anything. I have really good ideas though! But I'm mostly here to comment on the glorious work that talented authors are generous enough to share. Not sure if there's messaging on here, but I don't mind if any one messages me. This'll have to do for now. Toodles!
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This is the best thing I've seen you post yet! It's so good!!
ooooh someone is so peanut butter and JELLY!!!
wow, your art work is really good on these pages! awesome detail and much better clarity!
Wow. Alright I REALLY love what you did with this page. The colors are just FANTASTIC!! And I don't know how you found that perfect shade of green that only appears in ultra violet light but you NAILED it! Love the colors, love the artwork, and love that the boys are finally hanging out <3 the only thing I have to critique on is the light shining on shuno's face in the second to last panel. IT seems to me that with the direction the light is shining there should also white shiny spot on his cheek and maybe a little bit on his bangs. But other than that, everything looks awesome!
Ohhh, oooh-OHH!! NGGH...I just came.....first panel...uuuuuuhh god is my favorite panel out of the entire series....I'm gonna go look at it again.
Wow, I have a lot of respect for Karol now. She's finally talking some sense into Kaito and he's actually LISTENING. I don't know why Shuno didn't have the gal to be as straight forward as Karol is being but look at what an effect it's having on Kaito-kun! I guess I respect her for knowing just what to say to Kaito to make him see reason
I have a question: Colt originally started falling for Kaito because he looked like his departed lover Amilia. I haven't seen Karol yet but it seems to me if Colt was going to fall in love with anyone that looked like his lost love it would be Karol. Not only would she be closer to Colt's age but she's also a woman. And before Kaito, Colt was pretty much straight as an arrow. So I'm just wondering why Colt went for Kaito when he could have gone for Karol?
Omg that old lady is now my favorite character besides the two boys. Seriously, just lol!!! everything about her is freakin halarious
ahahah!!! omg seriously, "fly away anal beads!!" omfg I'm DYING!!
omg kaito's baby pictures are win. They're so cute!! and the fact that he's all embarrassed over them is just so cute!
omg! "one day I'll run my own strawberry store" couldn't be...ichigo market??? :OOO
omg!!! ahahaha!!! He answered the door ass naked and the pizza guy is like WTF!?!? ahaha, omg, this comic makes me lol so hard sometimes
This page is incredible!! I love that for once we are in Shuno's perspective, inside his mind and call tell what he's thinking. Shuno is so stoned face all the time, I kinda felt like nothing phased him. But it would seem I was wrong! He's so panicky here, even though he still looks stoned face in the comic, which makes me think if he has racing thoughts like this not just now but often if he feels insecure about something. Awesome job on this page, it's one of my favorites so far!
I think you did an excellent job on shadowing in this picture, but I feel there isn't really any shadow on Shuno's head or face. Just something to keep in mind. But other than that, awesome job! :)
ARIBA?!?! ahahahaha!!
poor Colt.... :,( I feel so sad for him
omg seriously, that would be me if I were one of those girls! HA!!! and yay! Kaito finally shows Shuno some kisses <3
I can't be the only one who tilted my head to fully drink in that last panel!! haha!
In the second panel...did that man's butt just say something?
Well, well! Look who's taking care of SHUNO for once <3 <3 hnnnmmmnn definately getting a lot of 'dawww' and fuzzy feels form this page.