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I am a traditional artist by nature but I've decided to do my comic digitally. Some pages will be in color while some will not. It depends on how much time I have.

I am graduating high school this year (Finally!!) and will be pursuing an Art degree at Wesleyan College.

My hobbies are...obviously drawing, haha. I also like to write and read.

A random fact: I have seven pet rats!!

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Thanks for the comment and the fav! I'll definitly check out your comics when I have the time!

Thank you too for the comment and the fav. Hopefully I'll be able to get up some new pages soon!
Heh. Silly butterfly :3

Thanks ^.^
Ticket to Motherwoooood:
Her personality isn't very pretty, though.

Thank you! I love to color with markers!

Thanks :3
This page was so rushed...horribly. I'm sorry for the horrible quality. I've been having problems with my new computer, my family, and college. I'll start to update at a regular pace once everything settles down.

Thank you for the comments and the favs!
Sorry for the filler!

I've been very busy lately and I'll keep being busy for a while. I'm preparing for college so it's a little hectic. I'll post fillers for a while and hopefully a page or two soon.
I wanted to try and see how inking by hand instead of the computer would be like. It's faster...but the outcome doesn't look quite as good. My scanner sucks. I'll ink with the computer from now on even though it takes longer.

Yes. That's a jealous butterfly. story will start to progress a little faster soon. These pages were done before I decided to be serious about the comic. That's why the pages seem a little slow and perhaps sloppy. This is the farthest I have ever gotten into a comic so I apologize if my story-telling skills are a little shabby.

Yes. Crow and Hira will stop with the butterfly gag soon ^^ I'm sure it's gotten pretty old by now.

On a side note, I appreciate all the comments and favs. I can't believe I have twenty-six fans at just thirteen pages! Thanks to all of you!!
To ShiroChen:
Thanks and congratulations to you too!
To Leg:
I didn't have a very good high school life. Social outcast and all. I'm one of those nerdy, good grades, draws all the time girls that nobody wants to talk to. Ha ha.

Enjoy high school if you can. It only comes once in a lifetime.
This page was edited on June 9, 2007. Some of the art bugged me and the backgrounds were awful. Not much better...but it's more pleasing on the eye, now.
Enter Sen and Ren!

I haven't decided yet if these two youngsters are going to be important characters in the future or not so don't grow too attached to them :3

Thank you to all the favs and the comments! I really appreciate them!
There's an update before this so be sure to check it out!

For those of you who don't read the news on the front page, this filler will be a bit of an explanation for my brief absence of updates. As you can tell, I graduated high school this year! I've been accepted to Wesleyan College (a very accomplished college in Macon, Georgia) and will be starting this fall.

The past week and a half was spent in Florida with the parents of the German foregien exchange student whom had been living with me. We went all over the place! Daytona Beach, Disney World, Cocoa Beach, Kennedy Space Center, Indian Reservations, Billie's Swamp Tours, Sea World, Key West, Miami, and Tampa.

I'm moving in with my father next week. The only problem is that he doesn't have a scanner or photoshop. So, chances are, updates are going to be a little slower. I may begin using marker instead of the computer to do the comic. To save time.
bloomygirl315: He's cavity sweet :3

Leg: Indeed ^.^
Leg: Yeah ^.^

E.Redemption: Thanks! That's my favorite, too :3

shadowrider7: Eh...heh. I assure you that he wouldn't mind sending a piece of him...your way ^.^'
Two pages in one day! Ha, ha!

Anyway...isn't Hirakiry just the cutest thing?
All of the pages before this one are relatively old. This page marks when the artwork starts getting better. I tried a different way of doing the line art this time. I like it better and it's much quicker. I'll be doing it this way from now on.

Alas...the real Crow reveals himself :3
Scene Change!

Not much to say about this page. I don't really like how it turned out. It's a little boring-looking. Meh.

Their names (from left to right in the first panel): Crow, Jurai, and Hirakiry.

Yes...Jurai's hair actually stands on end like that. You should see the excessive amount of hair gel he goes through. Quite scary!
Hehe...well...maybe next time when she's bald she'll be easier to draw :3