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Lazy child that loves to draw.
@BeeBee9234: I think the problem is the site itself. i schedule some pages and i posted this notice after i did so. The pages ARE updating, but this page stays in the same 'Most recent' spot it seems until the updates i scheduled before, are uploaded during their proper times. If you look at the pages before this one, those should be the updates until the problem fixes itself soon.
@Vanessa Scarlett 45: i have a bit saved up but im really trying to see if this comic can keep me up.
Thank You!! All changes start in July!


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@raephium: they were just old business cards. but it doesn't really matter according to Miko. :P
@Guest: : )
i both agree and disagree with Shane.
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Poor Miko.
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Charlie is familiar to those who follow my tumblr lol.
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Miko is underage and he knows
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Almost page 300 :) anyone else actually think what you and your partner's "ship name" would be?
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gasp- a curse word.
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@jennygabh: hey, i understand. to clarify myself, i write the script at different times than drawing the comic. the scene doesn't always draw out the exact same i imagine and the drawing sometimes becomes emphasized differently than the text.
rereading my actual script, he wasn't just saying yo yo as a starter, it was supposed to be separated into two panels with getting Jeans attention with growing anticipation or surprise.
i will not blame or excuse this, as it is also my negligence to really put much time to proof scenes.

i find you example a little extreme compared to what has disappointed you. Appearance and caricature versus a choice of words isn't exactly the same problem.
i do understand how stereotypes hurt, but i also understand they're not just fluff either. I've met many Asians who fit many of the same stereotypes including myself. some creators go as far as completely ignoring any traits common to those and i find myself unable to relate to them or suspicious the author is trying too hard. in the end i understand it is hard to find a balance given- the person reading.

that said, i do try to write on personal experience and personal character. i would never want to have a character or culture represented in bad light. i will make changes for any future presentations of this page and i'm sorry to have published it this way.
@jennygabh: as an Asian, i say yo way too many times in regular conversation. is it okay to think i also hold back with other characters dialog to fit their own culture and upbringing as i know them all the best?
but i will admit re-reading the dialog doesn't flow well with regular conversation. that shall be fixed in later addition.
@raephium: we'll see. :)
handsome boy doing handsome things
@Crose, @Aldub,: hello! Sorry about this. it's true i took a break from this comic since the semester ended. I'm sorry for not letting you all know, as i did not decide this until the update was past due. By then, i felt there was not a good way to update this site besides an update.
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