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Lazy child that loves to draw.
September 24th, 2017
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September 24th, 2017
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September 24th, 2017
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September 22nd, 2017
@Oboro @castellacake:I loved this thread of comments! Thank you!
September 12th, 2017
@Carlilaries: ;) Thanks!
@gamerkatie: sat down with doug on 204
@Clueless Naruto:
Hi! Speed answers to your questions:

You art through practice every day.
I use Paint Tool Sai, but many people use their own choice in art programs.
uhh profile picture? try profile and settings.
Patreon you gotta connect a payment account and pledge. I'm sure they teach you when you start a pledge.
dont know about the social media, sorry!

@Kahvipapu: Thank you so much. :)
@Guest: i think you should look at this post. ;)
@Travelingpooch: at least 1!
some weeks, it's two.
@yasha.queen: I think im about the same, but i haven't properly played in so long.
@yasha.queen: I love animal crossing! I have two copies of New leaf for my 3ds. :D
@akieboy: I would go to gaming parties and just sit and watch.
@Shy-Ghostwriter: They did because i am bad at continuity. Will be fixed at later dates!
@Kahvipapu: Hi there! I enjoy all of the feedback i receive. I haven't ever taken these kinds of comments as rushing or expectations. Just hopes said aloud.
Please allow fellow fans the pleasure of sharing their thoughts, because i love to hear them!
@Mccull61: fug, just human error. no plot thickening yet. ;0
@mistress_overlord: HAHA WOW. Thanks. :P
@TheSparklingStalker: a week you say? ;3
@castellacake: lovely! Well thought. I agree. i am also just a blunt person that wears emotions on my sleeve. I tend to strive in honesty when it comes to other peoples feelings as well. These questions are a sign of trust for both of them, and i is unusual to a lot of dramatic stories to have emotional problems be brought up so casually. But i feel like it happens in real life more often than we think. and if not, and it's just me, then i think it would be better if it did.
@Torii: It's the fifth day they've been tied.we're coming on the fifth night right now.