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Um...well....I love comics. Mostly romance and fanasty and yaoi. Well, more like shounun ai I guess, cause watching people having sex bothers me. I'm 16 and I'm inspired by my older brother ^^. So, anything else ya wanna know?? Ask!!
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You could cut the tension with a spoon.
Glad to see that you are feeling better! <3
I can't remember if I requested this...
...because the thought definitely went through my brain.

More Than a Band - Lemonade Mouth

I think it kinda fits the story, with how the other two were betrayed and Aya is breaking out of her shell.
Oh! What a lovely page. I'm adoring that last panel!
I really enjoyed this comic, and I honestly hope you finish it, but I understand life troubles. Good luck ^^
d'awww, Lune looks so cute in the first panel!
May 26th, 2011
Ya know, I know this may sound totally cliche, but the song "More than a band" from Lemonade Mouth would work...with the whole betrayal thing and how she's new and not going to do it?
-kicks Tamantha in the face multiple times-
I wish people would wake me up like that. It takes my alarm and hour and seven-teen minutes to wake me up!
-kicks Tamantha in the face-


She meant to say Sakqia...What? Who's Tamantha? I don't know her.
Doesn't even bother me that he doesn't have a nose...
That shark is pretty sexy!
Congrats on four years!! My favorite character is Jacob! He's a lil' cutie <3
I like Lune!


But I like Eric more...just sayin.
119 lol. Cute game!!
All of the above!

AWWWWW! I totally saw this coming, and was like: "You know he's know he's dead..." trying to prepare for it cause I didn't want to didn't work. -sob-
I have to agree...

As if that wasn't obvious.
-sprakle- -sparkle-

"Aren't I just so cute that you want to listen to me?"

I'm sure it has nothing to do with the guy/girl you just sent through a wall.