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Jane Lon
I'm a SFW furry artist, who loved to RP in older times)

My likes.. There are many things that I like. It would be too hard to list all of them XD
Jane Lon
October 21st, 2017
Jane Lon
July 29th, 2017

True that. But I don't think all guild members are really working through whole year without vacations. I believe they still have some kind of shifts, so when one party is done, other party replaces them
Jane Lon
July 28th, 2017
Why not?
About those two being couple. It's stated that guild members aren't allowed to have mates and offspring, but I think it mostly means "No sexy time!". Since, well,dogs here doesn't seem to have any form of birth control lol. Plus, they just can have very long shifts (like sailors and etc, who leave home and work in other countries for several months).
Never piss off the News Reporter!
My deepest apologises for such long wait! Encountered couple problems, that threw me back
Hi, guys! Sorry for such long update!

Well, we're sone with prologue! Main story will happen soon :3
Hi, guys! Sorry for such long update. I encountered some troubles in real-life, so I had to put comics aside. Unlike earlier, I don't know then I will post next page and ho much time it will take to update. I will try to update at very least once in a month (I know that it's super slow, but I have no choice...)

P.S. I'm proud of the top panel. It's mah fav, I think XD
Here comes promised 3d page! Yay!
Next page. 4th or 11th of November.
Next page will be published on 14th of October or 21)

Sorry for such big gaps, but I just want to be able to make pages in advance, so there won't be any long hiatuses