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Yeah, the Eldar are about as Xenophobic as every other faction in 40k, but even for them, this is a bit much... then again, the Eldar can be real dicks even at the best at times.
Still Unconscious
Why do I get the feeling Sha'Shiva will have a LOT of questions when she eventually wakes up?

As for all you asking about the suit's speed, it's probably got a Nova-Reactor from the new Tau Codex's Riptide Battlesuit. When successfully nova-charged, the suit can move 4D6 for the remainder of the turn.
Incoming plot twist
The child is most likely going to call upon some previously unknown dark warp powers and mutate into an unholy mutant spawn of sorts.... calling it now.

Keep up the good work Darius. For what it's worth, I think your comics are really under-rated and deserve more attention than they've been getting.
January 17th, 2013
Isn't this a complete middle finger to the readers? This means that the entire story arc we've been waiting over two years to finish was.... *drumroll*

... Completely pointless!
Eternal Warrior
Yeah, even having the Eternal Warrior "Immune to Instant Death" rule is NOT gonna save you here. This... is an EX-DARK ELDAR.
Damm Invulnerable Saves!
Always letting assholes cheat death....

Ps. Selene D: Why can't I reach through the screen and hug you??
Don't get rid of Selene =/ I think the fanart contest proves she's among the most popular character right now XD
Back in action
You can't keep a good Kroot down! No armour save? That's not gonna stop Skraat!

Can't wait to see the new story arc. Congratulations raising so much money for the Breast Cancer cause ^^
Re: dark eldar pyro
I don't want to sound bitter, but Darius is right. The authors of the fics don't share your opinion.

I'll admit I probably should have come up with something a little more Chaos related for the 'Speak of the devil thing' (I wrote 'Konfrontation'), but I stand by my belief that Skraat would say something regarding a god (Or in hindsight, 'gods') instead of greater good. Kroot are just mercenaries for hire. They don't seem to actively share the Tau's beliefs. And being a fairly primitive species, it's safe to assume they have a form of tribal faith in god, gods or other deities. At least in my opinion, based on what little information GW have published about the Kroot.

Not trying to stirr up a fight here, but if you're entitled to say something about my work, I have the same right to talk back.