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October 10th, 2015
I love this part. XD
@Malinda Le Chat: Kaito Shuno has been completely moved to because SJ doesn't accept explicit sex scenes. If you follow Angel on Tumblr you can get up to date on what's been happening:
@Devdasi I'm down for that! Cx Super happy that you updated! ;D
@Devdasi: Wow. Well I'm glad you have time for comics but I hope you're able to sort out the real stuff. Don't feel pressure to push out tons of pages. Take all the time you need :)
IT'S BACK!!! I've been waiting, I'm so excited :'D I hope everything's going well with you now.
@hally580: "Eating out" is slang for a smexual act so Shuno was saying that you should do that in private. XD
Don't be sad
@MegaAnimeFreak7: He's proud of his balls. Cx
March 27th, 2014
@xXxToxicxXx: No point in covering it up, we already know. Honestly, why would the main character of a BL story be a she...
Why sleep..
When you can have smex!!? >;-D
@Bloomer: I guess someone didn't get love yesterday because that comment was bitter. Jeez Louise, they were right! You just come here to criticize!!
Art change?
I'm pretty sure this comic was illustrated by Angel. What happened?
December 17th, 2013
Aw, sorry to hear! I wish I could send you some money. :-(
Angel usually posts info on here first Tumblr:
Yummy Butt Pages
For the kinky public pages go to Angel's tumblr:
2nd page.
Here's the first page.