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Well I guess I can start by saying that I was born in Bedfordstyfordsen (Bed-sty) and I was taken away from my mother when I was born and emedeitlly put into foster care.

My family tryed to get me back but could'nt,so I was placed in a new home when I came out of the hospital (not that I had one to begein with in the first place...T_T)

Anyway,when I was only 15 mounths old (or 1 and some change) my grandmother steped-up and said "I want my grandson back!" And she went to cort for me and some stuff happend,stuff that was so important that me and my family where in the news paper,TV,the news-and other stuff like that for like a week!

Eventually I got back to my original family after all the commoustion was over.
So anyway I'm living with my original family in Canarsie now...I guess I'm lucky-eheh...After,I just had the uasual child hood...go to school,come home,do homework and chours (wicth I hate'd mostly) and then after,go outside for some gamez like all the TAGs, Basketball-(with a krate), Football (with the nerf balls,Ilove thous things) ,Socker (with a can) ,Kick the can (also with a can) and other fun retared kid stuff like that...

So thats me...what about you?...
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Digitally colored Jenny!
Character names
Jay is to the far left.
In front of Jay is Myles.
In the back fo Myles is Jenny.
and next to Jenny,also to the far right,is Jason.
Hey,DreamCast is LIFE!
all hail in it's mighty power!!!
This one looks funny! ^-^
Wow what program do you use?...
Pika-WHAAAA?! and that guys having a seijur!-HELP HIM!
Wow,I like Danny Phantom,I 'd never picture he'll look like this!

This is great 5 out of 5!
Quick I the only one commenting or what?...

For others who reads this...Dont forget to Comment. ^-^
You artist-you!
You sure can draw thats for sure!

Don't forget to rate everyone!