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Whats goin on everyone! im slade!

I started spriting back in 2010, i totally sucked haha all i did were recolors, its 2013 now and now look at my sprites haha

Im a voice actor on youtube and also a lets player.

if you ever need a sonic Voice actor ill gladly do it :D

*current comics*
Kurogami Chroncles
Mega Man Nexus
Traveling With The Fox
Dimensional issues

*Upcoming comics*
One piece Vs Naruto:The tournament
Sonic Funny Files:Reloaded



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Well shit doesnt this bring back memories....
Yes its been a long time everyone, I may or may not be coming just yet(not that alot of you would care anyway xD)
But yeah i thought i would show off a small sprite sheet ive been working on.
tell me what you all think
Huh youve gotten better camtro. not bad
Ah the first comic i joined on here, good times
and as soon as he gets up his lazy-self gets bored again and sits right back down xD
Slade finally gets off his lazy ass, but...what shall he do? not even i know that yet xD
interesting story so far,
bad thing is..ive been back for a few months now XD
at least i HOPE spar isnt dead xD
heres the most recently updated slade sheet
Slade is terrible xD
btw sorry for not posting for so long...
good job kwane. you've gotten alot better
heres how much my main character has changed in the last year and a half.
holy crap i sucked when i first started xD
heres how much slade has changed over the last year and a half
improved huh? lol
um..hello? anyone here?
i like these. i need to learn to sprite like this lol but i agree with mist. the legs are alittle close together
i like the looks here dude.
for the firt one i would choose B. to me A kind blends to much.
and second go with B. i dont know why but the im liking those colors