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If you ever find that pool, PLEASE TELL ME WHERE IT IS. Also friends getting crushes and then being little shits about it has happened to both my best friend and I... It's like they almost see it as a personal insult sometimes :/
This comic = my life
wait, why would you ever NOT want to go to a nerd festival?
January 19th, 2013
@FuckCompromise: It's Scarrow, not Sparrow. Also, I totally know how you feel about hands, they can just be so infuriating! the key is to draw them at every opportunity even though they will look horrible at first.
@UndeadOranges: Your comment! It's amazing! I didn't even think of this when I first saw it, BUT IT TOTALLY WORKS, what with the scar and the demeanor and whatnot. Except that Vimes doesn't like to wear his fancy armor.
I'll admit, when I first read it, I thought he was saying "He wants to marry a lesbian girl." Then I was very confused and then I figured it out. Also, as much as a pain in the ass that armor will probably be, I gotta say it looks great.
Agh, no! I need more! If only time could stand still for a while so you could make us more lovely comic pages!
Holy shit this was awesome!
"un momento, chiquita humana" = A moment, little human girl.

In case anyone doesn't know spanish.
@Elaienar: Well, I do like action, and I don't have anything against manga style, so I don't see why I shouldn't like it :)
I look forward to getting to read it!
November 28th, 2012
No more dead dogs was a good book. I love this comic, by the way. I was super confused for the first three chapters, but then the story solidified and no I feel like I know what's going on better. Great art!
Leafy dyed her hair?
My freshman year of high school I was on a soccer team called the landsharks. We were a pretty cool team.
I like how she just tucks it in her pocket... doesn't even try to diffuse it or anything...
Well, I've certainly had crushes on straight girls before. Can't say I've run into the gay guy problem before, haha.
@Jops: I think that's part of the point, you know, the whole unreliable narrator thing. Like in Life of Pi and Catcher in the Rye. I just realized that that sentence rhymed and now I feel awesome :D
I love her expressions! Especially the 'or they will die' one.
Oh no. A terrible misunderstanding has occured.
November 26th, 2012
I swear, you can't draw a single thing that isn't extremely wonderfully sexy! I tip my hat to you and your art skillage.