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the world is not real you losers wake up
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@TheJGamer: in japan they literally eat kfc for christmas dinner m8
trying out a different art style 4 the comic

come here to get your mind blone
btw you picked shit characters for me to kill
ve really come a long way
wll get my keyboard fxed soon guys, but youre just gong to have to bare wth me!!
d00d it happens before the series starts and is mentioned in like 5 episodes or something
sorry if there is some poor editing in this i havent made a comic for 8 years
the noobs just got told.
thanks coming to my comic!!!
feedback would be appreciated !!!
wait, I thought noob man was the one that looked like L?
Yes James I swear all youre caracters are gradually starting to look more and more like death note caracters.