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March 27th, 2019
Even outside of any context, this comic tells so much with so little about each character. I love it!
November 9th, 2018
I have, in fact, been on both sides of this conversation.
It's true, though. Max is right.
I'm gonna go with the classic "It Was All a Dream" theory. Cheap and cliche, I know, but so is Patrick's excuse.
November 6th, 2017
It's only Monday but Panel 3 might be the best thing I see all week.
The thing about suicides is that, in most cases and at least in part, everyone connected tends to blame themselves for one reason or another.
Sometimes, in some situations, a moment feels like an eternity; and when it stops everything seems to speed forward to catch up to itself.
Thanks for bringing back the comments section, Gibson and Patreon supporters. Hopefully it won't be a decision anyone comes to regret. :D

also, wrt the current comic page: if it is what I think it will be, it has been looming for years. That is a sad thought in itself.
@H0lyhandgrenade: Self-care should always be a priority. Your fans will understand. Enjoy your break. :)
@Butterbean: It shows up on mouse-over (when you hover your cursor over the image). Almost all Moképon comics have had alt-text since Ch.2, p.3.
February 14th, 2017
I've been a Human Adult™ for...longer than I'd care to look back on and I still have her last-panel reaction at least once per week. No one ever really grows out of it, and everyone is, more or less, stumbling blindly through life and hoping for a good outcome/payoff every second of every day.
It's my desire!
@Enkidu: So glad I'm not the only one who gets the reference. That song is absurdly catchy, and coupled with the music video is just plain absurd. It's great! XD
Whoo! New pages GET! I hope everything is going well for you, Petty. This update was a pleasant surprise today. :)
Highly Suggestive
@RazorD9: That's probably what I'd do if I was a surgeon. Lawsuits be damned, the best solution for a lack of humor and oversensitivity just happen to be the same thing: breast implants.
Anyone clever enough to fail that hard at flirting would have achieved their goal with me. Then again, I'm an easy lay.
@RazorD9: The exact opposite? Does that mean that real bachelor parties involve a night of getting sober alone and dancing for strippers? Or deciding that taking a road trip to Las Vegas (or similar) full of wacky misadventures would be an irresponsible waste of time, funds, and resources and just sleeping in?

^ This guy is going places. Those places may eventually include prison for crimes against nature and/or humanity but who am I to judge?

Also, I don't believe you about not being created in a lab. In vitro pics (preferably from your perspective) or no proof.
@Supahewok: Dialed microwave ovens gave way to the laziness-catering of digital ones and are rather old-fashioned as a result. I'd hazard a guess (since my memory is pretty bad in terms of chronological ordering) and say that if you were born any time after ~1995 you are likely to have missed the trend regardless of whether or not they remain popular in other regions of the world.
@LowlevelRebel: Every event, however major or minor, is the beginning of something dark with enough patience and retrospective clarity.
@LoveitWilde: My body and servitude are ready. xP