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Man I missed this comic. Love this, haha, so great!

Cant wait for the next update, and congrats on 100 pages. (:
just found your guys' comic, and I love it! Cinna is so precious, I can't wait for more :D
@Guest: I'm not quitting cs..... who told you I was? And I'm working on the judging of all the contests I have stacked up, I haven't quite gotten to that one yet.
This is so sadddddddddd
February 17th, 2013
I love the color in these last 5 pages. They look really great! This comic is so good, I love all of it <3
@Keon: I haven't worked on my comic in almost 2 weeks....
I really don't see why you think I'm putting this before my other duties there too, you obviously didn't check when my last update was.

@Guest: Yes, chicken smoothie is a website, lol, precisely
And thank you so much for thinking it to be great! ^//////^ -huggles-
just found today and i adore it so far <3 cant wait for more :D
I just got all caught up, hnnng I lone this comic! Your style has improved so much since the beginning!
This is soo sad ;n; They cant be separated!
And what about Miia? She hasn't shown up much lately

Agdbjdkdnzk, more please? :D
I found this comic today and I must say I love it! Its so unique and creative, and I just love all the different characters. Great concepts/ideas too! And its really cool to see how your style has grown from the beginning to now. <3 aaaaaa, cant wait for more <3
@Guest: Oh well thanks! I have a LOT of ideas, but no time! ;A;
@Guest: ? Yay what?
@bunnyclub: Oh thank you so much! ♥
This is cute hnnnng I love your style :D
Haha, I spent such a long time drawing this one - my hand hurts. asjdfhsdfga.
Sorry this isn't really a proper page and stuff, not much is going on. :p

But my sister has the flu, so pray for her if that's your thing. :) ♥


/ahem/ Thank you! ouo -huggles-

Also, I don't know why I drew it like this, I was inspired by a few comics I read yesterday, since I started this page last night. :D So fyi, don't expect too much more of this style ^^;

Edit: I added my freckles ouo
@CarolineClaire: I hope she does too, and my sister as well. ^^
Oh yes, I hope I don't get sick! D:
<3<3<3<3 Thank you so much! I don't like it all the time, but so far it's behaving. xD
@bunnyclub: Yes, me too. My little sister is like burning up right now too. ;A; I hope I don't get it too, I have important school classes to go to.
@A: That was rather rude...? The little girl is only 5 and spent quite a few hours in urgent care today with a fever of 102 F.
And if your referring to no one caring if I get a haircut or not, I know no one cares. But this is a diary comic about my life, and I felt like drawing this. If you don't like it, just leave it be.

@bunnyclub: I know, it's so terrible. ;A; I think my sister is getting it too, she's had a fever all day. And she's only a few months younger than our hairdresser/friend's daughter. :(
@Let us keep the peace: I suppose you're right. Please forgive me. I recently read a very uplifting book and I realized what I said could have been taken as quite hurtful, so I changed what I wrote and got rid of things. I understand that it wasn't right to call her out on a few things here on the internet though too, so thank you for showing me that. I really am very sorry, I feel like an awful person. :/

If you saw any of that C, I'm sorry.
I just really don't think you have much too be all glum about, your life is pretty dang great. And you have a wonderful boyfriend to tell all your worries to, you should be happy.
our friend, the lady who cuts our hair, well, her daughter caught the flu, and so we wont be getting our haircut tomorrow. Oh well, I guess I can live with my hair for one more week, hehehe... >.> At least we won't all get sick, and I pray her flu goes away soon! <3
I've needed a haircut for quite sometime now. Idk if I'll change the style or anything, probably not. /simple girl/