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Hi there, unfortunate traveler who has stumbled upon my profile~

I really hope some day I will be able to get a comic up, but first I have to work on my digital skills. Which are so terrible. Sigh.

Until then, get off of my page! I mean, you have a whole internet to explore! What are you doing reading my comic-less profile?
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@Faery Goddyss: But you can't help who you fall for! It's called "falling" for a reason! Because you have no control of it.
I love Hero's question more than RGB's explanation.
I mean, she was nearly killed, she just made a bridge out of books, and then there's TOby.
But no, she asks about the trees.
November 18th, 2012
I fuggin' (that's a word ok) love this page. Your coloring is just splendid, Semi, and are those TEETH around his neck?
November 9th, 2012
:( But it's not all black and white, Tomoya! I-it's different with one-sided love. :'c
Stop fussing like a baby, Timothy. No one will ever like you. -3-
XD XD The peeps in the background with the random faces. I love it.
And that 6th panel is love. <3
I love how the girls get upset about how it couldn't have been a "duel invitation".

I so far do not like her friends very much. *shrug* Ohhhhh well.
Terra's shirt....

I want it.