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@MoriTheChomper: In this comic I drew what my hair looks like naturally. All the other ones where I have swooped bangs are from where I forcefully dry them like that. Haha, thank you dear, you're very sweet.
@ellenmagi: I doubt that you're "ugly as fuck". Don't think that you'll be alone forever either. Someone who only dates people based on looks isn't worth dating at all and I'm sure that someone will love you for who you are.
@Kigofan: Mom's have keen senses. If she's asking then she probably already knows.
@kigofan: Awww... thank you. Right now it's pretty messy though since I just woke up. I know that feeling though. My hair used to be even longer than it is now but I defied my mom and cut it up above my shoulders.
@StupidLaugh: I know, right?! Or the person cuts them too short so then you look super funny for a while. Not to mention I have a ridiculous cowlick in my bangs so when they get short I cant keep it down. I end up getting an antennae like in anime.
@NonBackgrounder: Oh... thank you. ////
But hahahah. No girl seems to want me so I'm doomed. /sobs/
There's tons of things I could write about but.... Those people read my comics. It would be a bit bad if I wrote something negative about them hahaha.

On a side note, my bangs have gotten quite long and I need to cut them.
@Almightyra: Oh. That interesting. I never knew that. Whelp, time to move to the east coast!
@esther: All the way from spain?! Oh my goodness. So far away! <3
I live in Washington at the moment but soon will be moving back to Arizona.

But still.

Why don't any cute girls live near me?
LOL, oh my goodness. Jessica you're adorable.
hahaha omg. Same.
All the lesbians on tumblr are all so pretty and have such good fashion taste and have all these girls that like them. Then I'm just like.
"..........I like to blog tv shows."
@x-Ace-of-Spades-x: That's unfortunate. Hopefully one day they will see that the views and opinions of others shouldn't outweigh what makes you truly happy. If you find love I wish that they will be able to find it in their hearts to accept you for who you cherish no matter what gender they will be.
@PaNcAkEs1230: What do you mean? You think I'm... fat? I don't really understand.
@MechaMax: It's pretty hard. Yeah, she thought that it wouldn't last but she was happy for me when I got a girlfriend. I think more because she thought I was so antisocial I was going to end up alone for the rest of my life.
@Quadrant: I know. My mom didn't take it too badly though she's still hopeful that I'll be straight someday, at least she didn't disown me.
Thank you everyone. Your comments are very special to me and I appreciate all the feedback!
@RunicV: Awww thank you so much!
skdjflksjdf It makes me happy to see that you like it. //cleans up the rainbow vomit//
And then my mom went on to ask if I had any crushes on any girls and if I had been with a girl before or not.

She's really laid back but she's so nosy.