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Fatin Adolfina
I'm not a person of many words, but I believe that my actions say enough.

I like it when people tell me that I did something wrong, but I shouldn't be completely judged by my mistakes.

I'm not normal, but I'm just like everyone else.

I like to dance, but I can't dance with someone else.

I like to cook, but I always burn my food.

I like to solve problems, but I just create more of them.

I have lots of opinions, but I always look for facts.

I'm not nice, but I like to hugs those who need it.

I love to create, but these hands were made to destroy.

I love to play, but I play too much.

I can't sing, but I want to listen to my own melody.

I can't draw, but I like to think that my shapes makes people think.

I'm not a person of many words, but I would like to talk and get to know you.

Will you accept me?
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I would TOTALLY play them as games! If it's easier for you then please go ahead and turn them into games. Being overworked is no fun, so if you can make something easy for yourself, then do it. I will most definitely this Cute Demon Crashers. I hope you get less busy soon so you can relax. And Happy Halloween!
YES! MY BABY LIVES!!! I'm so happy I'm jumping in my seat right now! I mean, poor Lucky, but he kind of deserves what's going to happen to him. Well, I'm mostly biased because I love Oliver more, so whatever Oliver does, I'm on his side. I'm so excited to see what happens next!
Those Faces!
Oliver's face reminds me why I love him so much. Lucky's face reminds me why I'm not going to be sad at what happens to him. But this whole page pulled at my heart. Oliver, my baby, why did you have to die?! I would have been fine if you captured Lucky and made him into the new Executioner or killed him or something. But my poor baby Oliver! I just wanted them to kiss and be together, is that so wrong!?!?!
Today has been a great day, and knowing that it's your birthday makes it even better! I hope you enjoy today and your two days off. I love the picture and I can't wait for the update on Friday!
A part of me is like, "Yes, do it Lucky! MURDER HIM!!!" At the same time, another part of me is like, "Don't do it Lucky! I LOVE OLIVER!!!" I don't know how I want this to go. I know that Lucky is going through a fear induced adrenaline rush, but does he realize the moment he kills Oliver, everyone else in the hotel will kill him? Probably not, but I can see it already. Lucky is smashing Oliver's head in with the chair and suddenly someone pops up to see what's going on. No matter what happens, I don't see Lucky living at the end of this story. This is such an awesome story!
So I decided to read the story from the beginning, and I got really into it. Then I got to this page and so I tried to press the next button. There is no next button. There is no next page. The frustration I feel is real! That's a good thing. It means I really really REALLY love your story. I can't wait for the next page. I want to see more of Mattius and Ellis. Also, is there something special about red eyes? I noticed in the colorless pages that the red eyes would be colored. Just curious.
Dear God!
He's dead, I just know it in my bones that he's going to die! I'm so excited!!!
I hope it's Taisuke, but I have a feeling that it's Sano. I'm scared for the next page.
Little Unimportant Question
@Crimson Chains: After so long, I finally got all caught up in this story. I'm so happy! So I thought I would ask you a question. It's not important so you don't have to answer. Maybe you already answered it anyway, but I would like to know. As the author, you know these characters best. So to you, what do they sound like? Do you have a set voice for each character. Do you use voices of other people when you think of how your character would sound like saying something? If you don't, do you use a range of voices to give to your characters? Like a soprano or a alto or a bass or something? Maybe my question doesn't make sense. Sorry about that.

But disregarding my question entirely, I loved reading this story from beginning to now. It was amazing seeing your art style progress and change throughout the chapters. It was fun to go through the range of emotions with Kaitou and Aki. I was a little sad when I finally got to this point. I wanted a little more, but I'll just wait for the next page patiently. Thank you for the amazing story, keep up the good work!
This has to be my favorite page just because of Takao's expressions. I love all of him in this page =w=
If Lucky and Oliver kiss just once, I'll be eternally happy. I can't help but feel that Lucky's going to be attacked in his sleep by the others again. I hope not, but at the same time I hope it happens, just to see what will happen afterwards.
@SilverHyena: Iram will not want to leave because Lucas is actually not such a bad guy. Sera will tell Crowe who will tell Lucas about the plan and Lucas will find some way to send Keiran away to get kill. Iram will find out and Lucas will have some brilliant excuse that is cold and logical and totally makes sense. Then Iram and Keiran will confess their love as Keiran is dying and then they kiss and Iram dies too and they live happily ever after in heaven! That is my beautiful and wonderfully not thought out prediction.
I think he's finally learning. Good job! Or bad job since he should have called for help, but good job for not being bad! Or good. I mean good job for helping your boss! I'm liking this comic more and more with every page. Keep up the good work!
Curses!I don't like Lucas, I'm close to hating him, but why must he look so gosh darn cute?! I can't hate cuteness!!! I don't want to like him, but it's so HARD!!!
Thanks for the warning! Now I'm excited! I've been waiting for this.
Still love that tattoo. They're so cute together! I just want one kiss and then I'm happy.
So CUTE!!! I couldn't top myself from going 'AWWWWWWWWW...'. Just had to stop and post my comment before going to read your story.
Holy Crap! How did you do that tatoo?!?! New Story!!! Adding it to Favorites now!!!
I think it looks nice, if there's anything wrong with it, then I'm blind to it. Though, I hope Keiran won't do anything TOO drastic. I don't want things to stay as they are, but I don't want him to get himself killed.
Fatin Adolfina
November 20th, 2012
@Sheilkuroi: It's so sad, yet I still love it so much!