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i like reading comics, and watching anime
I'll ship this
holy crap, Blue has a BIRD JESUS
when in doubt just smoke a cigarette
when in doubt, just smoke a cig
wait so his Persian can actually order grunts around?
@DFallen: first Viridian Forest, then Mt. Moon. Atty is pretty much going to destroy any forest/cave he comes across
is no one going to mention the fact that the device in the kid's hands change in every panel? Either he grabs a new every 2 seconds, or technology increasing at a rapid pace
March 6th, 2014
Red lost some pokemon on his journey too? You need to put in a tragic backstory on Red
I'm sorry but did Red seriously just get kidnapped or is it just me
Red used Fly
*lands on Mt. Silver
@randompasserby: if he did, he should probably be wearing his hat backwards
@Republic Empire: He's probably visiting a pokemon he lost on his journey
Giovanni enters the scene!
February 9th, 2014
should've said AFK
i love how all the grunts are positioned to attack anyone who's straight in front of them
so Crys' dad is Mr. Fuji. And did Silver almost call Blue Nee-chan?
im assuming Blue is kinda following her role in the manga
whoa what happened to Rat's ear?