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Hi, I'm Revel.
I'm a comic artist based in England.

Feel free to talk to me, although I am most active on my facebook art page!
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New comic series coming soon!

I'm so excited for this series. I can't wait to share it with you all ^u^

What's it about?
The story is about a 21 year old boy called Adam who wakes up to a post-apocalyptic world where a virus had spread and wiped out most of the population. Adam has no memories of anything except his own name. The story is about him trying to find answers to who he is, and what caused the virus outbreak. He also has to survive alongside a man called Simon, who had forcefully dragged Adam along with him on his own adventure.

To put it simply, if you like zombie/survival stories, gay romance, along with a hint of mystery, you'll probably enjoy this series.
@Logan: Thank you :) <3
@poop: Thank you so much! Ikr! Most comics I can find about trans topics are dead (discontinued) a lot of the time. The backgrounds on this page are made from screentones on Manga Studio so I can't take 100% credit for them, but thanks a lot! I think you'll also be glad to hear that this isn't my only story with trans protagonists/characters in the story. This is the only one actually centered around the topic of being transgender, but I have quite a few comics planned after this that have a range of different types of trans folk (and other LGBT+ & non-binary folk) in them in a lot of different kinds of stories too. Again, thanks so much for the lovely comment!
@HermesChildOfRain: Thank you so much!
@Morbidprince: I see then :) Thanks for the reply
Yes, of course, Tacos--
I really love your art style ahh <3
Dat moose tho--
I hate the term 'sex change' so much ugh... It would have been much better if you just made them saying something like 'Maybe Venus has a brother?'
Another amazing page as always :D
Yesssssssss <3
*w* This just gets better and better
Loveeee this page so much
Omfg can't stop laughing
wowww gabe *w*