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I love anime. I love music. Yeah that's about it lmao.
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niiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiice XP
how they kinda look a like XD
making promotional art and working of the colouring of the next page, should be up soon.
soon, thanks for reading =)
no duh lol.
cool =)
i had a little trouble getting it, because I thought Nathan said "this is an interview" so i was like wtf. lol. anyway, good job =)
no one has their weapons yet silly.
he got booted out; i dont have any contact with him and apparently he wont be in humanities next year anyway. but because i couldnt contact him i didnt know if he was okay with the comic and all. if i find out he actually wants to be in i'll add him.
lol i can try and fix ur hair spencer
August 4th, 2007
response to response
If i walked into my funeral I'd stop, walke over to the person i charge and kick them in the shin. Then I'd be like "IM A PIECE OF TOAST!" and everyone would run away. ahh, the randomeness =)
nifty comic ^^!
and im updating meh links, wana be included?
hahah very nice
have you seen that add where its a girl who tells her friend she chocked on a test and then the rumour goes around and at the nd its that she died so she walks in the school gym and it's her funeral? haha, anyway, good job =)
surrube's question
this was hand drawn then crappily coloured on photoshop, most of them are just done on photoshop however. a few may have been done on flash. =)
Lol ok, so does Justin want his character changed?
and thanks for the support surrube ;)!
nifty, and i have heard you scream like a girl >> when justin put ice down your back lol. that was amusing XD
btw plz make more youtube vids eh?
nifty lol
....random?? lol thanks for the comment =]
ahaha good one XD
you really should do that idea i gave you, you know that right?