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November 6th, 2014
Oh man I think stickers would be super awesome. (I love stickers, I like covering my laptop in stickers but it broke a few months ago and the guys fixing it scraped them all off. :'C ) I also really like keychains/phone charms but those might be a lot harder to produce. Prints/postcard type stuff would also be popular, I would think.
September 29th, 2014
Ah cats, the bane of deadlines.
Yeah tech trouble.

I've reinstalled the drivers like 5 times so it isn't that. I've switched out the pen battery for a new one so it isn't that either.

But I've figured out that brushes without pen pressure still make smooth lines perfectly so.......

Yeah. This dumb page would have been done on Monday like I said it would if this thing didn't make using the pen an absolute nightmare.

I'll probably finish it before the new pen arrives so it should only be this upcoming page that suffers though. (crosses fingers)
time to sleep
nearly late (or, actually late for a 1am upload as it is 2) but heeeey i got it done before i went to bed yay
ack late page

laptop's back and working all right
Riiiiight, this is supposed to be a magical girl comic, huh?

I need to practice my sparkly bullshit.
A random drawing of a 4-armed naga turned into a concept for the little Naga's large mom that will never be shown even if I do more with these two. Probably.

Mama's makin' her hair all nice for her girlfriend.
Our cast, everyone.

... I should probably make a cast page in the near future.
Could you turn the light down just a tad. Ow.
@Poppy: Hah, I didn't notice this template didn't come with a rating system until you mentioned it. Or if it did I deleted it for some reason a year ago and can't remember. Fixed that after mucking about with it a bit. Decided it looked better at the bottom. Going to have to fix the text images at some point but for now it's fine.

The comment section is something I actually had to completely cobble together myself. @-@; So... it's not the best. Don't really want to mess with it any more at this point though...
I'm not sure if that light is bright enough. heh

Weirdly enough the best thing about my new job that makes me get up at 4am to take a bus that'll get me to my destination 3 hours early... is that it sure gives me plenty of time to work on these. Got this one and last week's done in one sitting, though the line work had been finished beforehand.


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Every little bit helps.
It was a bit of a painful fall.


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Every little bit helps.
Watch that last step, it's a doozy.


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Every little bit helps.
I'm so glad that camera is not in many pages. I think it's the tripod and the long lens, throws me off. Not sure why.

Hey look, actual text. Wow.

I feel ya, Thomas.


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I very quickly stopped caring about that camera. I also instantly messed up Thomas's shirt, yay consistency! (would have changed it but I had already finished the pages where it's wrong when I noticed it and I just didn't have the heart to fix it by then)

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Back on track
And here we are again. I have no real excuse for not updating other than it's been a rough year.

For now the comic will be updating every Saturday until my buffer runs out. Hopefully it won't but I'm terrible at buffers so I can't promise anything.

Here's to a better year.

Also, if you want to support the comic and make it a little easier to update regularly, I have a Patreon:
@Poppy: Thank you! It was fairly early decision to not have any written dialogue. First for time, and then it just felt more appropriate. There are a few hiccups throughout the comic but for a first try making a "silent" comic I think it turned out fairly well.
@Poppy: Ah! Hey there again!

Ugh yes I do not feel good that it has been a bit over a year since I last updated.

It is *NOT* on *PERMANENT* hiatus, there is... quite a lot of this story to tell. I've barely gotten started! Life has sadly been complicated this last year which ruined my ability to update.

For now I am working on pages. I do have a couple done but I really want to get a good chunk of them done before returning to an updating schedule. Never had a proper buffer before and whooooooo boy do I need one.

So sorry, I should have made that a note on this site a while ago.
@Poppy: Thanks!

Yeah it's a bummer I didn't finish it in time, but at least I did finish it eventually, hahaha. It's nice to have a completed project.

This website will keep updating until all 16 are posted.