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"just because i had room on the page."

sergio: that's good enough for me.


( <3 <3 <3 )
@Notation: i'm okay with it.


i was just wantin t'point out how well yo depicted skagway's expression..
..and flavoured her "pissed off" text.

that is one pissed off sister.

we who are browsing for free have no room to complain about content creator's using [{reasonably} non-obtrusive] adverts to help support themselves.

Big Corpor isn't gonna help.
so whom else shall?

"holy shit."

all i can think of saying for your work here, nota.....
...I was hoping you woulda put the scrapped idea in an "etc." section or something

there's nothing wrong with a composer's wanting to change what they'd put out, though — we as humans can't always know the perfect way to express our ideas the first time.. ..and sometimes, we might not get it right (per our own envisioning) the second, fifteenth, or nine-thousand, seven-hundred and eighty-eighth time, either


it's just like that, at times, lady nota

such is the beautiful, ugly complexity of the human mind
two things:

a.) i didn't see your comic under horror/yaoi

b.) just how-freaking-long did it take to paint this, nota??
two words: butterfly fæces.
Really handsome.
More webcomics should be illustrated in this manner.

Simply phenomenal.

I like the way you're going with the contrastful technique for depicting dev's and scott's exchange of words — I should imagine what these two pictures'd look like set side-by-side!
poppy crock, nota.

at the very least, nina is to be depicted at all times.


i can see that carol is of a darker skin than scott ... this differentiality probably plays some part in carol's long estrangement from her guardians

(even in spite of her best efforts to gain their approval.

@micmacmonroe: carol could just be a prig


she certainly picked a.. .."strong" woman, in nina, to be sure.
one could draw one or two conclusions about carol, based on that alone.

i reck'n.
@micmacmonroe: i was so sure that scott's sister's name is nina, but it's actually carol


i could go back and edit myself, but i'll let my error stand..

..anyway, i guess i'll have to review the story, to see why carol and scott don't get along.
it can't be for something as simple as the piano thing, or because scott might have been favoured better.....
i mean, it's fine if she has "no opinion" about this genius of hers..

..but what i think i'm seeing from nina is an actual Antipathy

well, i'm sure you'll explain it all in due time through your narrative, Nota

edit, 5/1/2013, 9:14 p.m. — yes, i now know the person i refer to is carol, not nina
my apologies
forgive me for inquiring about something which might be obvious but..
..does nina know her brother's gay?
@micmacmonroe: that's a pretty good observation

i reckon this was intended, on Nota's part, too

in that case, it can be extrapolated that nina is consistent and euphonic, but maybe "generic,"* whereäs scott's jutsu is wilder, but soulful** (yet also pleasing to the ear?)

* even though nina was all a-sweated at the end
** for lack of a better term
ev'rybody's talkin' at me..

..´can't hear a word they're sayin'. . . . .
(a deviant kiddy definitely would have done something like that.

maybe next time?)

lookie here: Bishie Suparukuru!!

♥ ♥