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I have no idea
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Yay! Im so happy to see you again!
Have a good day and take your time!

*you dont have dont have to make deadlines, they'll just stress you out*
awww cute / dammit Sal
Oh my gosh those girls are such a-holes... looking forward to the update, and stay strong!
aw thats just cruel of them.... Sex is not everything... you could be asexual and not aromantic.... but anyways it looks great! Have a good day!
No your the angel :)
this comic is amazing ^-^ im looking forward to the next update
omd the dads face
I know how you feel
your not a freak or confused, you are an amazing person. Don't let anyone tell you otherwise! Stay the way you are. Being ace doesn't mean your not aloud to care! You have an amazing day and continue to be yourself :) I'm rooting for you!
I love this comic so far <3
@xrainringox: from one Genderfluid Panromantic to another, Your awesome!! Dont worry about updating to often, Love your art style!! Have a good day!!
I know this feeling...
Perfect. At least your trying to understand
Om im so excited. Fara, dat man wasnt for you, you'll find someone new soon~
Omd i cant even
Omd im so excited!!! /)o3o(\
thats so sweet!! Em is so nice...
Omgosh it looks awesome!!! I love the expressions in this, you all looks so cute! Cer looks so mad (i see that finger XD)
*omd Leo chibified XD*

(all my excitement can't be contained)
omd the faces XD the expressions get me every time XD
Im bi and i don't cheat