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I have been a cartoonist for nearly 4 years now and I started my first webcomic 3 years ago. I'm only 16 so I have a long way to go in the learning of art!
I color all my pages digitally using open-source programs and do the best I can with what I have! Check out my deviantART page, because I tend to post more regularly there!
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    Elyssa Morse
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Yeah Kevin, why couldn’t you just stay dead? Would have made things so much easier 😂
Great first page! Can't wait to read more
Now is not the time Alice, but it's super sweet. Stan's face in the last panel gets me
Honestly let me just say that Stan in a purple dress shirt and a vest is good quality content 👌 And popping chip bags is the best way to get people to clear out
I'm learning an awful lot about choking someone in the comments 😂👌
Goood Job Stan, just reveal your powers to your arch nemisis, well done 👌
Sounds like Dylan needs to be introduced to the idea of *spreads hands into rainbow* Romantic attraction!
*clears throat*
Sexual and romantic attraction can be totally separate and don't have to be the same. Sexual attraction is when you look at someone and want to bang. Romantic attraction is when you look at someone and want to date and just be with them. Honestly, demisexual doesn't sound like Dylan because the author said in a comment that he is flat out attracted to women (but he's their character, not mine), and demisexual, to my understanding from my demi friends, means you have to experience romantic attraction to someone before you can be sexually attracted to them, and he's romantically into Joa, but not sexually (despite them having sex) so it demi might not work here. BUT Dylan could be Heterosexual and Bi-romantic or Pan-romantic. I myself am a lesbian but I'm Bi-romantic. It gets very confusing, I assure you. This is just my addition to the "Dylan Sexuality" discussion. And I hope my definitions add some food for thought.

But one other thing, Dylan was hard core crushing on Carolyn, but didn't even realize he had feelings for Joa until he kissed him. This might support the fact that Dylan is romantically and sexually attracted to girls, but only romantically attracted to guys. When faced with Carolyn, he recognized the signs of a crush and went with it, but with Joa he probably mistook friendship with romantic attraction, because he wasn't INTO guys, so there was no way he could be attracted to Joa. Again, though, the author probably knows Dylan better than I do. (Bit I think Joa is so Bi, since he realized he was totally into Dylan all along)
They should spend their anniversary camping. Joa convices Dylan to go, but the can't build a fire to save their lives and get eaten alive by bugs. But the have fun nonetheless ^^
This is probably the most realistic sex scene I've seen. It's not all romance and flowers, especially your first time. You don't know what to do with your hands, and your limbs, and goofiness is bound to happen, especially if you have a good relationship with your partner. I know that happened with my girlfriend. And hey, the first time doesn't have to be perfect, because hopefully you'll get plenty more practice with your partner.
Anyway, as a girl who is dating a girl, I didn't mind reading some guy on guy sex, usually I'm just here for the fluff. Well done ^^
Ear biting. I recently discovered how awesome it is with my girlfriend
Congrats though, you have mad skills, making guy on guy nsfw pages that a girl who likes girls will actually read! Usually when the dick appears I pop away from the comic for a few weeks
Let's play a game called spot the hero
We'll make a villain out of you yet, Alice dear
I love Stan's face in the fifth panel, absolutely adorable! And Alice looks pretty sharp as well ;3
All my friends could probably relate to Alice ever since I met my girlfriend x3
January 10th, 2015
Aww, Ryu and Haru are my favorite <3
*whispers* hehe, boobs ;3
January 6th, 2015
You know what this comic needs?
More gay dudes.
You can never have too many of those.
Stan, it's okay, you don't need to use Tal A Kinesis anymore.
It's silly.
And a horrible pun.
Aww <\3
Boys are awful, Avery.